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4mm ASD

My 5wks old daughter was suffering from 4mm OSTIUM SECUNDUM ASD. The consulted doctor said that it will get close automatically.

I read some of the articles posted by others regarding ASD.

We are very much worried about that. Please let me know whether the surgery is required for my daughter At present he is feeling difficulty to take the feed continuously, and having fast breathing

Please find the details that are mentioned in Echocardiography.

Abdominal situs: Solitus
Side: levocardia
Systemic veins: SVC/IVC TO RA
Pulmonary veins: all 4 PVs to LA
Atrial situs: solitus
Atrial size: mild right atrial dilatation
Inter atrial septum: 4mm ostium secundum ASD
Atrio ventricular connection: concordant
Atrio ventricular valve: MV-8MM, no MR
tV-9mm, trival TR
Ventricles: mild left ventricular hypertrophy
Inter ventricular septum: intact
Ventricular-arterial connection: concordant
Great artery relationship: normal
Aortic valve:7mm normal
Ascending aorta: normal
Aortic arch:left
PDA: 2mm closing PDA
Pulmonary valve:8mm
Coronary: normal
Outflow: obstructed

1. Acyanotic congenital Heart Disease-ASD/closing PDA

Please let us know whether my daughter will required surgery for this defect or it can be closed automatically.
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Hello did ur baby asd closed naturally? Plz reply worried mama here
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