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what precaution in lifestyle for mild mitral valve regurgitation

Although my 5 yr old daughter has mitral valve regurgitation she is energetic and has no other complaints except for a supra umbilical hernia which after consulting with her doctor, surgery is not necessary at the moment.  However, I wonder if she should be on any diet or any specific limitations to ensure that her heart does not get overworked.  She does swimming and gymnastics at school and she may soon be introduced  to competitive gymnastics.
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You really need to ask her pediatric cardiologist about this. No one on here is going to be able to tell you if her activities need to be curtailed. more than likely she will be given an all clear from her doctor. Most children born with CHD and who have to be restricted are having severe heart disease issues where the child, himself, will cut back his own activities, or a child who has a type of heart disease which can lead to sudden death such as a Cardiomyopathy. There is only a very small percentage of children who even fall into these catagories, so I wouldn't worry. Call your PC and ask him about this. If he hasn't already restricted her activities, he probably isn't going to, usually they tell you about that, the second the child is diagnosed with a problem.    
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my son has small cardiac issues including MVR, a lot of times this can be normal. my son also has tricusbid valve regur. as well as other issues. he is 5 years old and he is ot on any limited activities. your doctor will limit your daughter id they feel she needs to be. my son Chris, will stop himself when he no longer can go on.  on his echo it shows up sometimes and at other times they don't show up.
my son even has the okay to wrestle now, even with his other issues.
good luck and I would put a call into your doctor just to be sure
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HI ,

Iam have mild mitral valve prolapse and i went to hospital , ECHO was good. I have good systolic and diastolic funtions .Doctors said no abnormality found.I searched abot this desease in google. I found lot of informatiom .After reading about this Mitral valve Prolapse .. I lost all of my goals  and  I am with anxiety and worry.
Not intrest to read any thing, Do my job and not intrest to live in this world.I am thinking about future how much worse it will be ( chest panis and worries and sudden death) i dont need this life.... i want pure life..
Please advice me .. how to control my worries??? what to do?
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Hi raju567
I have just got the chance to read your concerns, and I can empathize with you.  Nevertheless,  based on the results of your echo and the positive comments from your doctors you have much to be thankful for.  Follow the advice from your research and treat yourself to the best you can.  Live is precious and whatever life we have we are to hold on to it.  We did not give ourselves that opportunity to be here and we are here for a purpose.  There are many terminally ill people in this world who if they had the choice to even have your complaint would have chosen that instead.  I encourage my daughter to live a normal life and based on how energetic and optimistic she is she will be well by the grace of God.  So keep strong and trust in God.
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do you still check this thread?  my daughter just got diagnosed with MVR and she is 5 also.  I am very stressed out about this.  Please let me know if you still check this and I would love to message you privately.  I have found nothing else on this site regarding MVR and small kids.  Thanks!
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You really don't have much to worry about although I understand why you are. Just about everyone on the planet has a mild form of all of the valves regurgitating. It is only when it is a severe grade that it really becomes an issue. Most kids go on to live perfectly healthy lives, they play just like all other children and do not have to be restricted in any way, shape or form. The absolutely worse thing that you could do is to place restrictions upon her because of your own fears. A lot of parents will do that because they are afraid of the worst happening. If your doctor wants to restrict your daughter, he would have already done that; and that is rare. Let her enjoy being a silly little 5 year old!  
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