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Just wanted to wish you congratulations on your posting as the CL!
You'll be fantastic!
Best wishes.

a/k/a Greenlydia  CL/Anxiety  
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Jeowen is the CL of this Community! ..

I have been covering the community for Jennifer this week as she is without access to the Internet.

I am sure she will be pleased to see your welcome note!  How nice of you to stop by and offer your congrats to this new community.  THANKS Linda ...

Hey, with all we go through with our little refluxers around here, we may need to consult with you re: anxiety :O

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Thank you!!

Yep my internet connection has been fuzzy this past week.  And here at home we are dealing with the loss of my father. He passed away on the 1st.  He lived with us for nearly 9 years and he was only 56.  He had stage 3 cancer and was doing great with chemo but got sick and passed away suddenly.  Also lots of things going on at the schools with the kiddos.

Thank you for the congrats Linda and also thanks Cheryl for covering for me on and off!

mom to Noah, Matthew, Jacob & Nathan
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