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My 7 year old daughter was diagnosed with a mild pulmonary stenosis at birth and has been seeing the same doctor for years. She has had and episode of cynosis in the past, but she was very young. Now she is complaining of chest pain. This has been going on for several days. It is not necessarily upon exertion. The pain comes and goes and does not last long but happens intermittently throughout the day. I have contacted the ped cardiologist and without fail, he seems unconcearned yet again. I am trying to weigh my options at this point. Should this be considered an emergency? What should I do when noone seems to feel the motherly instinct that I do? I feel like this could be leading to something else? PLEASE HELP!
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Look on the pediatric cardiology forum I think you will find input there ..Good Luck
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I think we have to be our children's advocate.  If your mama warning bells are sounding, act on them.  That is my firm belief.  I'd call your primary care doctor and say that you feel something is wrong and would like a second opinion----  who do they recommend you see?  If those pains increase, then I'd go to the ER, yes.  How awful to have something unthinkable happen while being poo poo'ed by your doctor.  So, make some calls and get a plan together.  Second opinions are valuable----  they help you either have faith in your doctor or lose faith.  Good to know when it comes to the health of your beloved cherub.  good luck
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I agree 100% with specialmom!  As a mother and a congenital heart patient, I have learned to always trust my gut...  If you don't like/trust the answer you get at one hospital/doctor go to another one.  Good luck!  
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