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im scared on what could happen to my un born baby

I went to the specialist sonogram yesterday and they told me that the umbelacorde got bigger than it was last time and that it affected the babys heart one of the vessels is bigger than the other vessel and they told me that the umbelacorde did that.well the dr wants to see me every week now because they are scared that the umbelacorde might get cloged up and the baby could pass away.Also the dr said that they are hopping that the heart vessel might go normal after he is out of the womb and not using the umbelacorde,they also said that he might need surgery when he is born so im just going nuts I dont know what to do or any thing im going on 33 weeks and I dont think they could do something now I have a sonogram appointment and dr appointment this Wednesday coming im just wondering what they r going to tell me I just wish there was something this dr could do befor the baby gets seen more affects every time I go see the dr ........the last time I went to tge specialist sonogram the babys heart was doing great and now they tell me this smh :(....can any body tell me something has any one gone tgrew this if u have let me know plz
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