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I'm looking for some advice please.  My 3 year old daughter was born at 37+6weeks.  She was fine for 3 days but became very jaundiced.  The nurses took her to the neo-natal where she became lethargic and began throwing up black mucus from her mouth.  She was discovered to have NEC which she was transferred to Crumlin Childrens Hospital, in Dublin for treatment.  She received treble antibiotics and recovered well.  While in this hospital it was discovered she also had a PDA.  Again she was treated and had it closed at 1 year of age.  She is a very healthy little girl now.
Now I am pregnant with our second child and was wondering what are the chances of this child being born with any of these complaints.
My first pregnancy and birth were very straight forward with no abnormalities, although I did feel that my bloodpressure was a little high for me (I normally read with a slightly low bp but it was coming back normal each week).
Any advice would be grately received
Thank you LauraAnn
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Dear LauraAnn,
I cannot address the likelihood of recurrence of NEC for your second child.  However, I can say that when you have a child with a congenital heart defect, such as a patent ductus arteriosus (PDA), the recurrence rate goes from the baseline of approximately 1% up to 2-5% for ANY heart defect.  Therefore, we typically recommend fetal echocardiography during the second trimester to ensure that there are no specific gross cardiac defects noted.  That said, the ductus arteriosus is SUPPOSED to be patent in utero and, thus, it is impossible to predict whether your next child will specifically have a PDA.
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