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I had a kidney transplant .

Good morning,

I am currently 19 years of age, I had a kidney transplant at the age of 14. Ever since my transplant i have been taking numerous medications. They are: Prograf 3mg ( twice a day ) , Prednisone 5mg ( once a day ) Myfortic 180 mg ( twice a day ) . My question is what if i get pregnant? What are the chances and dangers of becoming pregnant? I am sexually active, and I wish i had a decent answer to this question. My doctor usually says " Let's cross that bridge when we get there" but I want to know now. I want to be able to avoid dangers in my life.

Thank you very much for your time . Have an amazing day .
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Hi Sherlingai3703 -
I think your question is a very good one and I agree with you that you should know now about your reproductive health so you can plan accordingly.  Most women transplant recipients can achieve a healthy pregnancy but your pregnancy should be followed closely.  If you are having regular menstrual cycles chances are good that you can become pregnant (and will if you do not actively prevent pregnancy).  Unplanned pregnancies certainly happen in transplant recipients which of course is not the best for anyone.   When you are ready to think about having a child it would be best to meet with an obstetrician before you become pregnant, but you could do this now for general information if you are interested in more details.  it will be important to continue your medications as recommended throughout because having rejection or an infection during pregnancy could be dangerous for you and the baby.
one other issue is the cause of your kidney disease; some kidney diseases are inherited so you might want to learn about if yours could be passed down to your child, and if so, what you can do to decrease that risk (you might want to see a genetic counselor to discuss this if you had a genetic disease).  I'm sorry that your doctor is holding back on answering your questions about fertility/sex,  if you are following at your pediatric transplant center maybe it is time to think about transitioning to an adult center - even if you love your pediatric team, you are an adult with adult concerns and may be better served in that setting.  
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