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immune supressant medication, transmitable?

okay so i had a heart transplant in august 2011, and i am recently engaged, my fiance has mitochondrial disease, and has been in and out of the hospital since we met, and we havn't been able to take our relationship to the next level, (a sexual level)
now while talking to my cardiologist around christmas he told me that the effects of my myfortic and neorel can be passed onto any children i might have. i am curious if it could also effect my fiance's immune system as well. im thinkin if it can be passed to a child then i dont c y i wouldnt pass to her, in a way similar to an STD...
any information would be helpful.
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first, I would like to congratulate you on your successful heart transplant and engagement!  your question is somewhat outside the bounds of pediatric practice.  I am not aware that immune suppresion from medication can be transmitted to a child from a father, but many medications can impact health of sperm and/or alter the risk of birth defects.  Similarly I do not know of any potential impact upon your fiance's immune system from sexual intercourse with a person on these medications.  I would suggest that you follow up with your cardiologist and ask for clarification as to specifically what risks he had in mind.  
best wishes,
Liz Rand
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