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11 year old son with pea-sized nodule under left nipple

After saying "good night," my son called out for my return to his room.  His said "while I was getting comfy, I pushed around on my chest and found there's something under one nipple but not under the other.". I pushed where he described, which was directly on each nipple and indeed, there was a somewhat firm nodule about the size of a "pea" just beneath one nipple and nothing palpable under the other. I did not push hard to test for tenderness but could clearly feel it.

I had already planned to make him an appointment with his doctor regarding another issue, so I will mention it to him.  I was wondering if anyone else had ever heard of something similar or had this?  
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Unfortunately the doctor wants to "keep an eye on it" which I feel is unwise and only better than ignoring it.
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