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2.5 year old sudden eye rolling/ movements

I’m hoping someone can help in a similar experience. My DD is 2.5years and has suddenly had very brief moments of both her eyes rolling in and upwards for 1-3 seconds. She is completely fine after and during, as if nothing happened. I took her into the ED and they have referred us to a neurologist and to get a EEG. I am freaking out and so worried about her. Anyone else had something similar? What was the outcome?
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Oh gosh, that is a little scary.  I'm sorry that is happening.  Do they think she may be having some seizure symptoms?  I will tell you though that some toddlers do this and it goes away, nothing serious.  When are you seeing the neurologist?
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Really scary! I guess they think it might be some sort of seizure that’s why we are looking at getting an EEG. I just can’t shake the feeling that it’s something sinister. I hope she just grows out of it :(
Ah, I can really really understand the fear.  When is your appt for an EEG and with the neurologist?  
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