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4 year old constant throat clearing

My daughter has been throat clearing since July 2019. She has been to her primary doc and ent. And they have tried Prevacid and Zyrtec to no avail. I’m soooooo tired of hearing it. I literally have to go sit in another room because it has not become a cause of anxiety for me because i can’t fix it. She says her throat hurts . I want to scream. Anyone experienced this? and what helped? I really just want her to be better. It’s not a tic.
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Hello! Welcome.  We're sorry your daughter is having this issue!  I'm glad you are working with doctors on this but sorry it hasn't resolved. It sounds like they are medically treating conditions that would cause her to want to clear her throat and while they may not have hit upon the direct cause yet, they are ruling things out.  One thing to consider is that in a child her age, stress can also cause this.  Do you keep a journal regarding this to chart when it is worse?  Perhaps it never changes but you may find certain times of day such as when she is alone in her room to be worse than other times like at the dinner table. Throat clearing can also be a sign of asthma in some kids. I would continue to press for answers with an allergist being perhaps another specialty to work with.  
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We hope to hear back from you to see how your daughter is doing and what you think of this information.
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