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5 year old By - Cough for almost one month

Hello Drs,

I have 5 years old son, who had cough started in 1st week of July after eating Kinder joy.

We given Soventus ls syrup many times prescribed by his Paediatric. It was worst on 9th July he was saying I have itching in my thoat.

We visited next Day his MD Paediatric in Ahmedabad due to scared of Covide also. Though he was never having Fever or any other complications.

Dr. Prescribed 10 July :
- Azythromycin Syrup
- Zerotuss syrup as it was Dry cough

Cough was too bad So visited Dr. on 13 July Again :
Dr. Said now cough is turned Wet :
- Soventus ls syrup
- Anti biotech Dry Syrup
- Inhaler for steaming

We did for nine days again Visited Dr. after 9 days as cough still not cured:

Dr. Prescribed  23 June :
1. Ashta D syrup : could be Asthama mild Asthama
2. Azythromycin again

Still Cough is not gone..

My son can do all activities normally except runnning jumping but he coughs always,
always laughing with no any other sysmptoms

This was the reason Dr. said it's not covid 19.

Also we visited ENT on 29 June as my Son has still cough and complains no Pain nut itching in Throat:

ENT Dr. Prescribed on 29 June :
1. phenylephrine hcl chlorpheniramine maleate & paracetamol syrup
2. Again One more Anti Biotech

No recovery

Again visited ENT after 5 days:

1. Nebuliser with Asthalin and budecort Half  2 times at home also for 5 days
2. phenylephrine hcl chlorpheniramine maleate & paracetamol syrup
3. Koflet H lozenges for itching only as still no Pain since one moth
4. Defcon syrup - for Allergies

for 5 days - He was doing little better , but cough is not gone yet.

but on 6 th day my son without informing took Rain shower for 5-10 mins

He is again having cough..

We have done all ********* supplements along with Alpoathy :
1. Honey
2. Ginger
3. Turmeric , with many times milk
4. Kadha
5. Brandy with honey

Still he is having wet cough now... with no other Symptoms like fever or short breathing, he does all functional normally,

accept coughing when dancing or running.  


Or best paediatric in Ahmedabad

Please help
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So, one thing with coughs is that they can LINGER.  For a really long time.  For as long as two full months after someone was sick. The reason is that the airways can get irritated. Then this continues to cause you to cough.  Worse at night and when exercising.  It gets better over time usually.
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