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Arm Pain in 13 YO Son for 5 months

Please, please help! My son has had arm pain, below the shoulder, above the elbow for five months now. He has had 4 xrays, an MRI, and a bone scan, and they can not give me a diagnosis. Been to PT numerous times. They said he had little league shoulder, a broken shoulder, a large calcium deposit, nerve damage, he had a cortisone shot in his joint, (with no change), every time I take him they can not give me a diagnosis, then change what they think it is. I took him to the chiro, he has had cupping done. Please help on anything anyone can think this is and I will try it! Please help!
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Hello and welcome to the forum. This sounds so frustrating for you and your son!  That's a long time to suffer pain without any answers. Does anything help it like ibuprofen or Tylenol? I, unfortunately, do not have answers for you. It sounds like you have done your due diligence in investigating what could be the cause. Sometimes, traveling to a major med center that is nationally known can reveal answers. In the US, that could be something like the Mayo Clinic or Cleveland Clinic. Tendonitis is something I think of, but certainly that's been suggested https://peakperformanceclinics.com/three-causes-of-pain-from-the-shoulder-to-the-elbow/

Please let me know if there are any updates.
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