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BABY food/Formula for the infant


I am adopting a new Born baby just 3 days old. Worried about what to feed the baby, I am looking for the Following Answers:
1. In absence of breastfeeding What Should I Feed the baby?
2. What Care Should be taken while selecting the Brand for the Infant Formula?
3.What Brand is best for the baby available in Mumbai?
4. What should be quantity and duration between feeds?
5. Is there any side-effect of Using Formula for infant?

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and congratulations on adopting a baby ...I hope you will both be very happy
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According to baby formula reviews in Buzzillions, the top 3 formulas all received 5-star ratings, and included Nestle Good Start, Nestle Supreme, and Similac Alimentum Hypoallergenic formula. Nestle Good Start with DHA and ARA Natural Cultures had the highest review standing. DHA and ARA are important in the promotion of immune system function, growth and development, as well as, eyes and brain. This formula topped the list, as it contains "comfort proteins," 100 percent whey protein from cow's milk. It easily breaks down during digestion and is available in powder, concentrate, and ready-to-feed preparations. Similac Alimentum Hypoallergenic formula, is available for between $19.99 and $30.99 per canister.
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