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Cyclic Neutropenia?

My son is 2 1/2 years old, he is currently seeing a hematologist. After him becoming sick a lot, I requested a CBC with differential be done. His pediatrician had never ordered one for him, so they did. The first results came back as follows:

WBC- 5.5 (range is 6.0-17.0) LOW
RBC- 4.23 (3.90-5.50)
Hemoglobin- 10.4 (11.3-14.1) LOW
Hematocrit- 30.7 (31.0-41.0) LOW
RDW- 17.4 (11.0-15.0) HIGH
Platelet- 224 (140-400)
Ab Neutrophils- 330 (1500-8500) LOW
Abs Lymphocytes- 4345 (4000-10500)
Abs Reactive Lymphocytes- 385 (0) HIGH
Abs Eosinophils- 0 (15-700) LOW
The above results were from 7/12/2018.

Abnormal lab results were:
WBC- 5.2 (6.0-17.0) LOW
Hemoglobin- 10.7 (11.3-14.1) LOW
RDW- 16.7 (11.0-15.0) HIGH
Abs Neutrophils- 1128 (1500-8500) LOW
Abs Lymphocytes- 3515 (4000-10500) LOW

Next Labs done 7/27/2018
Abs Neutrophils- 2175 (Normal Range)
Abs Lymphocytes- 2958 (LOW)
Hemoglobin- 10.8 (LOW)
RDW- 17 (HIGH)

Labs on 8/1/2018
WBC- 5.29 (4.0-12.0)
Hemoglobin- 11.2 (11.5-14.5) LOW
Hematocrit- 32.7 (33.0-43.0) LOW
MCV- 75.1 (76.0-90.0) LOW
MPV- 5.68 (6.0-9.5) LOW
RBC Dist/CV- 15.5 (11.5-15.0) HIGH
Seg Neutrophils- 19.0 (32.3-78.6) LOW
Lymphocytes- 68.0 (11.0-50.6) HIGH
Abs Neutrophils- 1.01 (1.4-6.6) LOW
Plt Morphology- Large Platelets seen

The next CBC was done 8/6/2018
I was verbally told the lymphocyte and neutrophil counts over the phone
Abs Neutrophils- 954 (LOW)
Abs Lymphocytes- 3412 (LOW)

Currently waiting for the results of today's CBC.

The hematologist is checking for cyclic neutropenia currently with one CBC per week for six weeks.
Everything I have read says 2-3 CBC's should be done per week for 6-8 weeks.

Anyone have any suggestions for any testing that needs to be done?
Is it normal for one CBC per week (for six weeks) to be ordered when testing for cyclic neutropenia?

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