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I am worried because My 9 year old daughter has gained 20 pounds in one year.

Last year at this time she was 70 pounds.     I am worried there is another cause for so much weight gain .She eats healthy and we still make all of their meals and snacks,  so i know what she is eating.    She eats  a lot of fruits and vegetables, drinks milk,  for snacks we have goldfish, pretzels, fruits,  Triscuits with hummus  etc. that I usually portion out.     She is 53 inches tall and weighs about 90 pounds.   She has a twin brother who eats the same as she does,  but has only gained about 5 pounds this past year.     My biggest worry is her health and if there could be any other cause for such a big weight gain or is this normal?     Thank you!
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Hi there.  So, do your kids have an annual physical?  My insurance requires but I would do a well check anyway.  That's a great time to get her care provider's input.  I have boys.  I notice that when they've grown, it's like stubby and then string bean and then stubby.  (I have one that is naturally very thin always and skips stubby).  She may be about to have a growth spurt.  She also may be starting puberty.  What does she do for exercise?  
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