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Is increased bone age a sign of Klinefelter Syndrome?

My son's bone age indicates he is 13 years 6 months, but he is chronologically 11 years 11 months. He has very little hair, underdeveloped penis, and testicles and has a single transverse palmar crease on both palms.
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Hi.  Well, that's a little confusing, isn't it?  I'd have guessed that normally, if a boy has advanced bone age that he'd also have onset of puberty early.  Both of my sons actually started puberty around their 12th birthday.  So, he's at the age in which he'd normally be starting as commonly happens at 12.  What prompted the testing?  Is he small in stature?  What did the doctor say?  I would highly recommend an endocrinologist.
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My son has been "complaining" and feeling down about his small groin area for quite a while. I initiated testing after talking with my sister. She knows of a man who has Klinefelter Syndrome and suggested to me that is what it sounds like. I did some research and noted that he does have some symptoms (aside from the late puberty) such as the palm (straight line across), advanced maternal age of mother (I was 36, so not terribly advanced, but the doctor had me get a 4D ultrasound), highly sensitive, very little body hair, and speech concerns. But he isn't learning disabled and isn't socially awkward. I know that as with any syndrome, condition, etc. people can show some but not all symptoms. We went to our family doctor this week, and she did blood work and is doing chromosomal testing. She also ordered and had the hand x-ray done to look at bone growth; I thought that was a bit odd, so I was wondering if that was a symptom of Klinefelter's. I think I will follow up with an endocrinologist.

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Potential etiologies of advanced bone age include:
- familial tall stature
- excessive sex hormone
- juvenile idiopathic arthritis
- hemophilia
- radiation-induced growth deformities
- hyperthyroidism
- hypothalamic mass
- adrenocortical tumor or adrenal hyperplasia
- ectopic gonadotropin tumor
- polyostotic fibrous dysplasia/McCune Albright
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