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Is it ok to wait 3 days to see ENT if cat litter is stuck in 2 yr. Olds ear?

Took my 2 yr old to her primary doctor to have her ears checked since I thought I sae something black deep in her ear and she was pulling on it after her bath. Our Pediatrician said there was "rocks" inside both ears! He tried 3 different ways to remove them and they wouldnt even budge so we made appt. Witb the ENT doc 3 days from now, but just found out it could possibly be cat litter because my mom just caught her the other day putting a piece into her mouth!
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Thank you for answering and yes the whole situation just seems crazy I agree, I dont have a cat personally this happened when my mom was babysitting..smh. As behavior wise there isnt much change besides her constant yelling there is no "indoor voice" and she geta upset so much faster then she ever has. I guess that could be her reponse to pain but when asked she tells us it doesn't hurt and she is one that will ask for medicine when she hurts...
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How did things turn out?  All better??  :>))))
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So, it's just me, but I think I'd go to the ER if there is something stuck in my kiddo's ear.  But if you saw your doctor and they say he can wait and see an ENT for it, then it is probably okay to wait.  And will be much cheaper than the cost of an ER visit.  Is your little girl uncomfy? Kids crack me up with the things they do. Even though it is not at all funny. Cat liter in the ears.  Who'd of thought? Sigh.  I think I'd lock that cat litter away from her but know that might be tricky with your cat.  Cat door?  
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