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Is it safe to bring my 3 month old around a 1 yr old that had a 103° F fever?

My 3 month old was invited to his 1 year old cousins birthday party (with us of course) but I am nervous about going because last weekend his cousin had a 103 degree fever. I am afraid his cousin or their family members might be contagious still and pass it to him. They also have a 3 year old. I told my husband I really don't think we should go. I feel like a 103 degree fever in a 3 month old could be pretty terrible. Am I being overly protective or is it wise to sit this one out?
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If it does not feel right, you must not do it. So if you feel staying at home and away from them is best for your baby then do it. As a mother we should do what we feel is best for the baby.
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