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Kidney Biopsy

My 4 year old has had microhematuria for 8 months. No protein, normal kidney function. Seeing nephrologist, who ordered 24 hour urine and labs. C3 and C4 are low, urine showed abnormal (glyoxolate?? or glycolate?) (pre-cursor to stones). Nephrologist is confused as to whether it's stones or kidney lesion. Waiting on further immune tests before proceeding with biopsy.

In your opinion, is a biopsy absolutely necessary? What are the possible diagnoses? With  the low complement, is it safe to assume this is NOT stones? How could it be stones if her urine is only showing pre-cursor to stones? We don't go back for several weeks, as he is buying us time to decide on the biopsy while we wait for the immune tests as well.

Also, can she be vaccinated with low complement? Are there any risks to her taking probiotics? Thanks!
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Sorry, I thought I posted in the Expert forum?? Hmmm.
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No,  this is not the expert forum and your question definately sounds like it should go there.  I'm glad you are seeing a nephrologist!  That will surely provide you with some answers with time.  I have heard of a thin basement nephrology (TBMN) associations.  Repost this on the expert forum but again, am glad your nephrologist is working on this.  And believe it or not, an interesting case in which they don't have all the answers usually means you will get the best of care.  Specialists like to figure things out!!  Best of luck to you and your daughter!
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