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Pediatric Hand Injury

My 7 1/2 year old fell last week at daycare climbing up the steps of an outdoor climber.  In typical response, she put both hands out to brace her fall.  Ever since this happened (last Wednesday) she is complaining of pain in her right wrist and hand.  There is minimal swelling (if any) and there is no bruising.  She uses the hand but complains of it if she uses it too much.  Now I am normally a doctor sensitive parent for my child, and actually am waiting for the ped's phones to come off answering service for lunch, but am unsure what to do on this one.  She is a bit melodramatic (ok alot - she is 7 1/2 after all) and has all kinds of boo boos and injuries on a daily basis.  She is asking for x-rays but I'm not sure if this is real pain or if she wants a cast.

Any experience with this?  Any opinions?  Again, I am going to get her doctor's opinion but was wondering if there was something I could look for/watch for to gauge a trip to the med center for an x-ray.

All opinions welcome (except those telling me I'm a bad parent for asking online).  Again, I am a good parent, but am unsure what to make of this one.
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It may be bruised of course and that can hurt,if there is no swelling its probably okay but if you feel anxious go with your Gut and get it Xrayed.
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