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Re-testing for precocious puberty?

Hi, my daughter has been diagnosed with premature adrenarche. She has also been tested for precocious puberty because of some of the symptoms she was presenting. The first round of blood tests indicated she was in the range for LH for premature adrenarche (5.3 units - not sure what these units are!). She had a second set of tests which suggested she wasn't (3.7). The endocrinologist says this rules out precocious puberty, but should we have her tested a third time to check? The tests are invasive so not something to be taken lightly, though my daughter has been wonderful at the hospital.

She is also extremely moody with me at the moment and I'm wondering what I can do about this. It's almost becoming unmanageable. Her school teacher says she is as 'good as gold' at school - she is just 7 but showing symptoms of PA from 4. Is there any treatment for the moodiness? It is really quite marked. I have raised this with the pediatrician but it is difficult to talk to them about this as my daughter is always present. I understand that PA in itself can't be treated.

Many thanks.

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