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Successfully getting rid of a chronic cough?

My daughter started to have a cough at 3 months old and couldn’t seem to get rid of it. We have seen our pediatrician and Children’s Hospital Specialists and have tried the following:
- At 6 months old we started using a nebulizer twice a day with albuterol and a steroid, did not get rid of the cough and did this for several months.
- 7 months old got her first ear infection, put on amoxicillin and cough went away.
- 2 weeks later cough came back, did chest x-ray and came back clear.
- Was getting chronic ear infections so tubes were put in December 2020. Still had a cough, Cefdinir antibiotic was prescribed and cough went away.
- 4 weeks later cough is back. Mainly has coughing fits while lying down and ranges from 10 minutes – 1 hr. Affects sleep.

It seems like this cough has a cycle, will only go away for a short period time with an antibiotic (which I don’t want to keep giving her if I don’t have to), but will come back just weeks later.

We have a humidifier in her room, an air purifier, we’ve tried the Zarbee’s cough and mucus medicine, vapor rub, and nothing has been successful at getting rid of this cough. I just want to help her, but I don’t know what else to do.
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Gosh, that's too bad. Is this still going on. I will say that when my child were teething, we had lots of issues with ear infections and cough was part of that too.  I don't know the connection but my doctor said there was one. What is the hospital specialist recommending? I would imagine an allergist will be next on their list to have you work with.  Has that been suggested yet?
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