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Tummy pain above belly button

My son is 10 years old and has been suffering from pain/nausea above his belly button since 3.  He cannot eat anything which contains fat as he gets a tummy ache.  He gets nausea when playing soccer,  Pain always above belly button.  Hes been on losec/iron pills for 2 years.  Recent bloods show low on all iron areas and high in inflammation.  What could be causing this?
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Has he been checked for cystic fibrosis, celiac, lactose intolerance, or chronic pancreatitis?  My four year old has similar symptoms.  He had an EGD, colonoscopy, pancreatic stimulus test, sweat test, cystic fibrosis genetic screening, and stool samples to check fecal fat levels.

My son's fecal fat levels were high.  I am pretty sure that my son does not have cystic fibrosis because even though I am a carrier of the most common mutation, my husband's screen came back negative.  The sweat test was also negative.  We are still waiting for my son's genetic screening to come back.

The pancreatic stimulus test was also normal.

The EGD and colonoscopy showed that he has gastritis and duodenitis.  They said he was lactose intolerant and that the celiac came back negative.  However, my son was on a GFCF diet at the time so they said the celiac test might not be accurate.  Either way, since he was having symptoms without eating dairy products or gluten, that is not the only issue, even if it is AN issue.  The doctor put him on Singulair for a few weeks to see if that takes care of it.  It has been about a week and so far it doesn't really seem to be helping.

We see the gastro again on the 27th.  I am planning to ask him about stopping the Singulair, having my son eat foods that contain gluten, and a few weeks later doing the celiac blood test and a large food panel allergy test to see if it is some sort of food allergy.

Maybe some of this info and testing would help your son.  If you find out what is going on, let me know.  Hopefully we can get this figured out for both of these kids.      
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The low iron and high inflammation could both be due to gastritis, duodenitis issues.  The 'itis' goes with inflammation and if there is any bleeding going on with it, that could affect iron levels.  Hope this helps.
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Thanks.  He has been tested for all of the above except for the pancreatitis.  He is on a very strict diet.  Only chicken and fish and fresh veges or salads.  No dairy except for milk for cereals.  No spicy foods.  Getting worse last 3 months.  Now affecting his sport which upsets him.  We go and see GP tomorrow and hoping to be referred to specialist.  Good luck with your son.  Keep me posted.
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