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Understanding blood work.

My son just had his lab results back and they numbers are rather odd to me.

Netrohilis 13.4
Monocytes 1.3
White blood cell 20

All of these numbers are high. What could this mean?
obviously I am going to make a doctor's appointment either way.
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Ya, hopefully you have seen the doctor (or is this for your child)?  That is the best way to get these reports interpreted.  What warranted the blood work, by the way?  symptoms of something?  

So, high neutrophils can mean infection but other things can affect it.  Even stress.  

High monocytes also can indicate infection.  Viral or even parasite.

I do think that being on the high end of these three things will warrant further investigation as to why.  When is your doctor's appointment?
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Were you able to talk to your doctor about this?  what did they say?
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