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Underweight & other developmental delays

I have been a Pseudo-grandmother for two little girls for the past year.  the older one (26 mos.) is very small and underweight . She is very inactive & sits watching TV all day if you let her. If I turn the television off, she'll sit on the couch & stare at the screen. She has 4-5 solid words but still talks baby-talk most of the time. Oooh & aaah sounds are the norm.
She is very passive & if her baby sister takes something from her, she will just sit there and cry. The baby will also bite her, pull her hair, poke her in the eye, etc…but she does not push or fight back & usually just sits there and cries. I have to continually watch to make sure the baby isn't hurting her older sister. She also has terrible separation anxiety every week when her mom drops her off and it’s stressful for everyone.
She finally began to walk at about 17 months old, & although she can walk pretty good now, she mainly sits or lies around most of the day. If try to get her to play with toys, she will pick up 1 or 2 things & just hold on to them or carry one back to her chair or the couch and set it next to her. She also oversleeps a great deal & will literally sleep for 12, 14, even 16 hours at a stretch, and resists my attempts to get her up. If I force it, she just cries until I let her go back to sleep. She never gets out of bed by herself, but will lie there until I come and pick her up. She won't make any noise or call for me to get her but when I see that she's awake she will hold out her hands and open and close them a few times to let me know she wants to get up, she has also had terrible nightmares several times a month, since she was about 8 mos. Her mother calls her "her little lap baby" but I really think something is wrong here. Any advice you may have for me would be helpful.

Sincerely, D. Walters

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