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What can cause a child to vomit everything that goes into their stomach?

My son is 2 years old, and extremely developmentally delayed. Since the end of September he hasn't been able to keep formula down, he just throws it up. His mother and I started diluting the formula with Pedialyte and it was okay for a while, but as we increased the formula in the formula/Pedialyte ratio (because he needs the calories), he cannot tolerate it and vomits everything up until he's dry heaving. We kept starting over with all Pedialyte but then he started throwing that up too. He has a G-tube and is only fed through that.. He can't keep his seizure meds down or even water at this point. His doctor told us to bring him to the hospital and we've been here since Wednesday 10/28. We are at Children's hospital of Michigan which is where he is always treated and its one of the top hospitals in the state. He still can't keep anything down and the doctors have not figured it out. They just keep trying to give him Pedialyte, but he keeps vomiting it all up until dry heaving. They aren't even looking for a problem anymore they just keep thinking he's miraculously going to get better and tolerate feeds all of a sudden(they just keep reiterating to us that he needs to eat like we are idiots and don't know that). We are at a loss as our boy is really suffering. Does anyone know what could be going on? We've had Gastrointestinal, Neurology, and Urology examine him and finding nothing. His bloodwork is fine and vitals are good. He's getting IV fluids and meds through IV. Please share any opinions as I am lost.
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Hello and welcome to the pediatrics forum.  Thank you for your question and we really feel for you.  This sounds like a very complex situation.  Most Children's Hospitals have excellent and well trained physicians.  I encourage you to keep vigilantly questioning them as to what can be done regarding this problem.  If he needs nutrition, IV nutrition is always an option I would think.  I assume they are 'venting' his feeding tube.  This link describes that.  https://childrenswi.org/medical-care/enteral-feeding-program/family-resources-for-gtubes/feeding-flushing-and-supplies  and this foundation for feeding tube patients has information regarding helping children with intolerance.  https://www.feedingtubeawareness.org/troubleshooting/feeding-intolerance/vomiting/  However, it is surprising that the doctors are not aware and working harder to solve this issue.  There is a long list in this article of possible causes of vomiting that you describe.  I'd want to go through each one with his doctors and eliminate the as the cause.  Please let us know any updates.  
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