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What is that god-awful smell coming out of my son's nose?

My son is 11 has Down syndrome and ASD. For 2 years now he has had a horrible odor coming out of his right nostril. All the doctor say everything is fine because they do not see anything in his nose. None of them actually try to smell it and when I say can't you smell that they say no. His caregiver can smell it,anybody that is close to him on a normal daily basis can smell it because they're not afraid to try to smell what I'm smelling. And they have noticed it all on their own. But we have gotten nowhere. I have tried all of the normal things I will spare you and not list them all. All help is appreciated! Thank you so much!
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So, a classic sign of sinus issues is an odor usually foul.  What about trying a decongestant or Mucinex to see if it improves short term and then you can go from there.  Does he have allergies?  Anything like that?  The sinus cavity can trap bacteria and it may not turn into a sinus infection but it can still stink!
Thank you so much for taking your time to try and help me! Yes he does have allergies. That is what I thought it was at first and treated him for but to no avail. He has had nasal surgery due to cleft lip and palate, which is all repaired. His last surgery was 5 years ago. The doctors have ruled out everything. His breath smells normal  it does not have that odor. They have even gone in and looked with him under anesthesia .  They found absolutely nothing . So whatever this is it isn't going to be something that's really common. I've tried using the nasal saline sprays but that did nothing. I figure he can't be the only child on the planet with this. There's got to be somebody out there who's dealt with this and has maybe figured it out. Thank you so much!
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That's so frustrating to not have answers!!!  I wish I could think of something else to offer for information!
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