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Why is my 12 year old having severe coughing spells?

My 12 year old started out just feeling bad, fatigue, cough, and fever. Waited several days to take him to the doctor because the school said a virus had been going around causing the same symptoms. First doctor said "it started as allergies, now he has an ear infection and still has a lot of drainage". Amox and Loratidine was prescribed. Three days later his fever finally went away, but his cough has gotten drastically worse. He is coughing to the point of vomiting. He has also started moaning in his sleep, when he's able to sleep. Second doctor says "she agrees with the first doctor but his asthma is exacerbated due to drainage also". She prescribes Neb treatments four times a day, inhaler PRN, and Loratidine-D (which has sudafed in it to help dry up the mucus). Two days in and he still seems to be staying the same or even getting worse at times. It seems as if he is having rapid, short breaths at times during sleep also now. Called the doctor back, and she prescribes a cough syrup that is almost guaranteed to help, but it hasn't; it seems as if nothing is helping. I am worried that this could be something more serious that they are missing. My mom radar for worrying is going off and I have no idea what to do to help my child. I am considering asking for a referral to a specialist, but I'm not 100% sure what kind he needs to see at this point; maybe allergy and asthma, but I do not know. Has anyone else dealt with this? Is there an answer to what I can do to help him please?
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So, here is the hard thing to remember when our kids are coughing.  Coughing is the body's way of expelling something out of our lungs.  In this case, it's probably left over mucus from being sick.  I'd have him take something like Mucinex which thins the bodily secretions.  Yes, he will still cough but the phlegm will thin and hopefully move out easier.  

Coughs can linger for up to 2 moths.  Once the bronchial tubes are irritated, it really can take that long to get over it.  With my sons, exertion makes it worse and bed time.  

I do not give my kids cough medicine at night though because they NEED to get that phlegm out.  And if they don't, it festers. That's how pneumonia happens.

This is all very typical of virus's that lead to secondary infections (like ear infection or bronchitis) and he is on antibiotics. The cough is often worse at night or exertion and hey, when I cough, I gag as well which if you gag enough, you can vomit.  One of my son's is notorious for this.

Keep him comfy. Heat apple juice in the microwave to warm or if he likes tea, let him sip some warm tea.  Ibuprofen helps and don't forget the Mucinex. good luck
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Is your kiddo all better?
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