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Will I grow any taller now?

I am a 21 year old male and have been to the doctors today (endocrinologist) regarding my height as I haven’t grown any taller since around the age of 12. I was quite a tall boy at that age (171cm/5’7 ½) and I am still this height (hence, now I am short to average). I have done blood tests a week ago but not all results were back yet (still waiting for IGF1 to see my GH levels)…all other results were normal except for my testosterone levels which were very high (my Prolactin levels were not in the normal range either but the doctor did not talk about that so I am assuming those levels were not something to worry about). The doctor has not seen my X ray results yet (my left wrist) but believes my growth plates must have prematurely closed at a young age because of the high testosterone levels (he says he cannot say for sure until he sees the x rays though). I have seen my x rays today and it seems all my growth plates in my wrist have closed (I have compared it to an 18 year old bone age x ray and they are very similar whereas the bone age x ray photo of the 17 year old has still some space in his radius.

I have read somewhere that some growth plates don’t close until you are about 25 years old.

1. Is this true?
2. Which bones are these?
3. Can I still grow if given growth hormone?

I have read in various books and websites that basketball players (i.e. Michael Jordan was 5’11’’ in college and is now 6’6’’, Dennis Rodman was 5’6’’ in high school then 5’11’’ during college then 6’8’’ at 22, Scottie Pippen was 6’1’’ in college and is now 6’8’’, etc) reach such great heights because of HGH use in their early to mid 20’s; but if this is the case then how can this be if their growth plates had fused?

Please understand my frustration and please be honest. I await your replies with anxiety!

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You would probably be more likely to get the kind of answers you are looking for from an Expert Forurm. Apparently there isn't an Endocrinology Expert Forum, but I did see a Pediatric Endocrinology Expert Forum on the list. It may take a while to hear back from the expert, but the info will be more useful when you do get it.

Another thought would be to discuss your questions with the endocrinologist you saw today, because once he has seen all your test results he can tailor his answers to your specific case.

Good luck!
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brother I am also passing this hard time though I am only 15.I have also not grown from 12 years age.I am considering it as CONSTITUTIONAL GROWTH DELAY..please pray for me also!!!!
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There is something called growth hormone you may want to ask if it can still be given in your age group, have you had a bone age xray ?
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just to touch on growth hormone, actually everyone makes their own growth hormones.  If a person, and typically it would be a young teen, has an issue that makes them suspect that they are lacking in growth hormone, an endocrinologist will run tests.  Growth hormone is responsible for different things besides just heighth.  For example if you are lacking in it, it will affect your ability to have kids.  You have a range------  and if it is determined it is low, they may give you growth hormone.  It is injection form and daily and thousands of dollars a month.  Although it is not common to lack human growth hormone, I do have two nieces that took these injections in their early teen years.  Both are on maintence thereapy.

If a parent is concerned, I'd get a referrel to an endocrinologist and test to see where one falls with the growth hormone and go from there.  

Oh, and just as having too little is not good, so is having too much and that is why one must qualify to receive this therapy.  good luck

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