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constipation and bleeding

my son is almost 8 months old and he has been having problems with constipation.  he has been having a problem off and on with it since i put him on formula at about 6 weeks old.  i put him on a special formula (nutramigen) and he seems to be doing well with it.  now im giving rice cereal and pureed fruits and vegetables and occasionally a bitter wheat biscuit and i have been giving it to him for about a month now.  he seemed to be doing well at first but now he seems to get constipated very easily and he has started bleeding on the outside of his rectum in the crack.  all the doctors i talk to keep telling me to give him prune juice and mineral oil for months, but i think i should be doing something for him to prevent him from getting contipated.  im starting to think he is allergic to something im giving him.  im not sure what to do and i was wondering if anyone has any suggestions.  im also concerned because i have celiac myself and i am wondering if he could be developing any symptoms already.  thank you!
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My daughter had similar problems - bleeding anus from the 'rocks' she pooped out while screaming!  
It was the iron fortification of the rice cereal. The cause/solution are similar to adults : iron supplement=constipation -> more fiber, more liquid, stool softener

Since you are a celiac , and he is having problems I would put him on the GF diet too and have a blood test for him.
My pediatrician suggested pears in addition to prunes for fiber.
This was 7 yrs ago and I was able to buy non fortified cereal, along with lots of vegetables (fiber) and nursing fixed the constipation.   my second daughter is better but I have to limit the cereal I give her too.
I developed a sensitivity to wheat after my 1st daughter was born, but all the tests are negative. My second is very sensitive to onions/garlic, but again the blood tests came up negative.
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My son has had a constipation problem for months and months too. He is 9 months old now. The only thing that has worked for me, and trust me I have tried it ALL. I just now finally got him to drink juice from a sippy cup. He has about 4 oz a day not all at once, but rather here and there through out the day. I rotate pear just with a mixed juice about every other day. This is the ONLY thing that has worked for me! Some days are better then others, but it is a process that we are trying!

Good Luck, I know how frustrating it is!!
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