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enlarged thyroid in 12 week old preemie

My son was born almost 4 weeks early (@36 weeks and 3 days), by emergency C-section b/c there was lack of movement.  He spend 5 days in the NICU b/c of hypoglymia; he could not maintain his blood sugar.  This last weekend we had a trip to the ER b/c of a high fever (101.7); the dr's took a chest X-ray, blood work, etc.  The following morning the doctor got a better look in his ear and said that it was infected.  They put him on antibiotics and is doing much better now.  His chest x-ray came back abnormal b/c of what they think is an enlarged thymus.  They did a repeat chest x-ray the following day and the results were the same.  They wanted to dig further to make sure it was an enlarged thymus and not a mediastinal mass of somesort.  He had a CT scan done and the radiologist still thinks that it is an enlarged thymus.  My question is what could be the cause of this, is this something that I should be worried about and should I have a follow up CT scan or X-ray later down the road.  My son is thriving, he has doubled his birth weight and seems to be doing well; but in the back of my mind I am still concerned.  Is this normal to have a 12 week old baby, who was born @ 6.1lbs and now is 12.2lbs, to have an enlarged thymus?  He has never been on any steriods either.
Any suggestions and answers would be greatly appreciated.
Thank You,
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I to had the same thing happen my son was 4weeks early and he was jaundice at 1 week was hospitalize for that. Then at his 1 month apt. he had pneumonia, he was hospitalized for that. And that is when we were told that he had a enlarged thymus. They said that if it grows that they would have to remove it. So in the last couple days we have had to take him the ER because his chest was retracting when he was breathing. They did an xray and ct scan, then they told me that his thymus has grown and that he has pneumonia again. But they are not yet concerned about the enlarge thymus. They are just going to keep an eye on it by doing xrays and make sure that it is not suppressing his lungs. But until then I am sitting on pins and needles. So I feel that I am in the same boat along with you.
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