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pediatric constpation

My 23 mo. old grandson has very severe constipation that causes him to scream out in agony due to the size and that it's rock hard. His ped. sent us to a gastro. who put him on Miralax but this started to make him sick (throwing up) everytime he would take it. So they started him on benifiber which hasn't really started working yet. He refuses prunes or prune juice, even when it's mixed with something else. What else can we do? It just seems insane that nothing can be done and that this child is in such an uncomfortable state all the time, with the stomach cramps and the pain of actually going.
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Milk products are the #1 constipator!  Maybe try reducing his milk intake very slowly so he doesn't notice so much.  Also cheese.  My daughter had to be taken completely off of milk products to relieve the constipation, but she was 15 at the time - she was constipated since she was a baby also.  Another thing that constipates kids is the refined carbohydrates.  It's very difficult fixing this kind of problem in a small child.  You'd have to talk with a pediatrician regarding diet.  Ask if you could cut up raisins and mix them with oatmeal for breakfast. Or maybe bran muffins.  

The other problem with kids is that they don't want to go to the bathroom.  They hold onto it too long and it gets dry and hard to pass.  Check with the pediatrician about magnesium oxide - only a small portion of this mineral is absorbed and the rest can have a laxative effect on the intestines.  I don't know if the docs try this on kids this small....but check with the doc and see if the pills can be crushed and hidden in applesauce or some other food....don't do this without a doctor's ok.  

I feel for you.  Very frustrating problem.  Hang in there.
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