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question about swallow problems

Hi doctor

please i need your help for my baby Jobran who born on 26/09/2010,he's now feeding by tube becasue he has poor sucking and when we gave him oral feeding we feel that the milk stopped in his pharynx (gargling sound) and he takes his neck back strength and refuse to continues sucking.

he was 39 weeks when he born and every thing was ok in the delivery (Caesarean section) as per the doctor.

when he born there was little constriction in his fists,and he's taking now physiotherapy and he's now much better.

we did for him RMI ,and the result was good.

we did for him milk scan and the result is good,he doesn't have reflux.

nerve's doctor saw him and said he's good and doesn't appear on him any of nerve problems.

we need your help to give us your opinion and to tell us how we can develope his feeding and what kind of treatment we can consider to him?.

Thanks in advance..

Hanbal madah.
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Hi , it is very frightening to have a baby who appears to not be well.  I hope you can find some help for him and you.

You have put your question on the forum for Multiple Sclerosis, which is a disease of the central nervous system and rarely affects young children.

I'm sorry but I don't think we will be able to help you with your question.

You might want to try one of the other forums here, such as
the forum for pediatrics (children)


good luck with finding answers,

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This is a community forum centered on Multiple Sclerosis so there is no MedHelp doctor here to answer your question.  There is probably a forum there that knows more about baby problems.  We do have a member with MS who is a retired pediatrician though so maybe she will see this and have an idea for you.

Congratulations on the birth of your son.  I am sorry he is having such a hard start at life and that now you are worried and suffering with him.  I hope he can overcome his eating problems very soon.  I am not a doctor but I would be glad to share ideas that come from my experiences.  I have a couple of questions first.

Is your baby at home with you now?  Is he gaining weight?  Does you little Jobran swallow his saliva or does he let spit drool out of his mouth all the time?  Has he been fed by tube most of his short life?

You say he had some weakness in his hands when he was born.  It sounds like that weakness continued since he is having physiotherapy.  It's a good thing that it is helping.  Could his throat muscles be weak also?  If so, maybe he has a hard time swallowing the milk with an oral feeding, especially if it comes into is mouth in large amounts or too quickly from a nipple.  If this is true, he may tire quickly when swallowing and need to build up slowly to taking oral feedings.

Has he never sucked from the breast or bottle?  Maybe he has lost the instinct?  Has he been fed by tube almost exclusively?  Maybe the taste of milk is unfamiliar to him.  You could try small amounts of sweet milk or fruit dribbled in his mouth as he gets the tube feeding.  That way he will come to understand that food tastes good and also fills the hungry stomach.

I don't know what an RMI is but it sounds like the doctors aren't finding an obvious physical problem to explain the feeding difficulty.  I do hope you find the solution soon.

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I hope you get some answers,  There are occupational therapist that work with infants to teach them to suckle.  In fact, if you google sensory integration therapy, you will find a lot of things that you can do at home to help.
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