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what kind of cancer makes girls at young as one start to devevop breast and pubic hair

what causes girls as young as one to develp breast and pubic hair
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usually when young females start developing early it is due to excess hormones - either from contaminated food or a gland problem.
Why do you think it is cancer?
A doctor can figure out by tests and deduction figure why and then treat it.
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i dont think its cancer...i was watchin a tv show called drs. and they were talkin about the same issue your havin girls starting puberty as young as one. they put them on meds that stop that issue... until they are old enough to start puberty. i would definitly ask your doctor what he can do to stop that from happening. i honestly dont think its cancer. its just very premature puberty. but i would definitly check on that though so you can get that issue takin care of.
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