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Looking for information about vaginal hysterectomy especially regarding sex

I have uterine prolapse (varying degrees depending on the day), cystocele and rectocele. I've seen a gynae who wanted to do nothing for over a year and insisted on ring pessaries and pelvic for exercises. Things got worse and she is now considering rectocele surgery and possibly cyctocele but she's sent me for urodynamics study first.
So I decided to get a private 2nd opinion cos I'm only 38 and I can't keep going with my vagina in the state it is. The 2nd opinion was for vaginal hysterectomy with repairs to the vaginal wall at bladder and bowel and a possible 2nd surgery later on dependent on the outcome of the urodynamics (which is today).

I'm happy to have a hysterectomy  (she'd leave the ovaries for hormones). I have 3 kids and don't want any more.

What I need to know is what will my vagina be like afterwards? Like after everything is healed etc. Will sex get better, although right now it is hard to see how it could get worse
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You might find more luck on the hystersister site or patient.info
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jcdew, did you see a Urogynecologist for your second appt?
Also, did they tell you how they are going to ( and if they intend to ) suspend your vaginal cuff after hysterectomy in particular?   If you dont get the top of your vaginal cuff suspended you could end up with further prolapses further on after your operation.
If you have your front and back wall operated on as well you could end up with some tightness vaginally but ask your surgeon about this and if you will be given womens physiotherapy after you have healed to help you with tightness as well as strength and further healing.
I am surprised your original gynae gave you a ring pessary when you also have a rectocele as they dont support rectoceles even if the ring pessary has a support in it.   This could be why your prolapses progressed, although they can progress anyway and a ring pessary can be a good option for a uterine prolapse.   It is tricky to get all of them supported well.  
If you operation goes well you could have better sex as long as you sort any tightness out after you have fully healed.  
I hope this was helpful and please ask further questions if you feel the need
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Also please see a UROGYNECOGIST instead of a regular gyn
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Hysterectomy increases risk of bladder, bowel and vaginal prolapse, urinary and fecal incontinence, fistula and celes (enterocele, urethrocele, rectocele, cystocele).  So it makes more sense to suspend the uterus instead of removing it. A good urogynecologist should be able to do this. If you have not gone through menopause then the surgeon may be able to use your own tissues to fashion a "sling" versus using mesh.  
You can have your uterus removed and have the top of the vaginal cuff suspended.   You dont have to keep your uterus for this purpose and women may need their uterus removed for more than one reason
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