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1st results from my gut biome results in MeBo study

list of uncommon gut bacteria...

anything here look familiar to anyone with patm?


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Hi. The only common one with my results is Anaerovorax. Others on my results were Anaerobacterium, Fretibacterium, Acholeplasmatales, Caldicoprobacter, Neisseria, Neisseriaceae, Aggregatibacter, Neisseriales, Actinobacillus
It would be great if we could compare a few more results to see if there is a common thread. I also had extremely low probiotics. I have started taking probiotic supplements.
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VeeEm, do you suffer from morgellons disease?
No. Never have.
FindaCure1111, what link have you identified between my results and morgellons disease?
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Helpsavemykids, have you ever had tuberculosis? Which is usually common if you came from another country.
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no TB that I am aware of.   I haven't been tested for years.   I do remember the needle making a bubble in the arm and then checking a few days later to see if it was gone.    what makes you ask?    id like to know.

and for morgellons.   I don't know what to Think.  I hate to say it but after reading and reading the last year. i would say what we have is closer to morgellons than TMAU. although I'd say patm is neither
Helpsavemykids, disregard the TB question. I read the strain wrong. Thought it was mycobacterium, but you have the strain microbacterium. Oops sorry..hope I didn’t worry you. I’m an idiot.
No worries at all.    I honestly appreciate anything .    I respect the trying more than the holding out.     I'm convinced your not an idiot.   I was just here trying to figure out if I could give myself a tb  test.  I thought it was just an air bubble by the forearm and was going to do it myself.  (Im proabably the real idiot) Didnt realise that they actually put tb in there to try and get the reaction.  I wonder how many people actually acquire tb through the testing itself.   Anyway thanks again for looking. That's all I need is eyes on some of these crazy things I post. Something will materialize from it. I'm sure.    
Hope your still doing better.  
Hello FindaCure111,

I was asked to take a 6 month antibiotic treatment for testing positive for TB. This is for my job many years ago due to testing positive. I was born in a different country so I did get a vaccine as a baby. I'm thinking that's when PATM started. What do you think.
That can be a possibility. For me, personally, PATM started after I was hospitalized for polynephritis and I was put on IV dose of antibiotics for about 2 days I believe and that was back in 2010.  I also suffered with reoccurring UTIs after my hospitalization for many years so I was always on antibiotics. That prolly made my PATM worse over the years and around that time doctors weren’t advocating probiotics with antibiotic therapy (or at least my doctor wasnt). But I don’t suffer from UTIs anymore (thank god) now that I take probiotics and my parasite cleanse daily.
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If I had TB, I finished the treatment in one year, 3 years later, PATM appeared, since I finished the treatment of Tuberculosis, my eyes started to dry, then my stationary allergies started, after about 2 years my PATM began, the first year I could not believe it, the second year provided everything, diets, supplements, ects nothing worked.
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Did MeBo provide any commentary on your results? Did they recommend any next steps based on these findings?
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Not on mine.  It was just a trial and I agreed on the conditions.  They were clear in the paperwork that they are just compiling data.  Nothing more.  I'm waiting on 2 more results still.

After a few months on the facebook page i was convinced that most of them have NO idea what patm really is.  It's not an odor problem.  They have their own agenda and that's ok.
So here I am going through medical journals and case studies, peer reviewed papers, anything to see if something jumps out on any of these bacterias.  Or maybe someone else will for me.  
I believe they could have easily added in parasites and yeasts to the test if they wanted to make real ground.  I do believe that I read somewhere they tried to. Why it didn't happen who knows.  But remember it's all money and politically motivated.  
Im so frustrated at the system right now.  
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Helpsavemykids, have you read anything about Arisonella?
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No.   Is that the correct spelling?  I just did a quick search and didn't find any info.

Also.  I have not taken any antibiotics in at least the last 10-15 years.   All I can think of in relation to that is I drank coffee for 2 years straight before patm.  (My wife is Colombian her family kept us supplied haha).  Maybe that stripped out all the good bacteria same as antibiotics?  

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Haha I’m colombian too! That’s too funny!
I looked and it says it’s a histamine producer
Arisonella is a histamine producer I believe
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