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Any experience how to minimize the severtey of PATM

Hello my felo sufferers, 1.5 years ago I started with tmau2, did a urine test and came out positive , but no genetic test, spent a lot of money for supplements and things like that,aftera while when I just gave up hope and didn’t care about anything in my life it just went away on its own ... last month I started again with body odor , ver bad breath as I just open my mouth to speak people just cover up their noses , and since 2 weeks I can hear my whole block of neighbors start to cough to death, one of my flatmates is a mess now , the other night I just leftand stayed on the street cause I was feeling horrible for him
Please anyone has any idea how to at least reduce the symptoms , please no expensive treatments or supplements, I’m very poor at the moment
Thank you so much
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no smoking.  no alcohol,  low junk food.    cold weather seems to make it worse.     part1 the gasses our bodies (parasites/yeast/mold)are making mixes with other things in the environment we are around or breathing in.  this creates a toxic compound that makes others react/ fall Ill  around us.    I am gaining info on this now.  I will have that answer soon.

Now for the part2. the so called crazy part.     something is also throwing these things off of us constantly.   light/sound/plasma/emf/ ions/Neurons???,.    I'm trying to understand and simulate this part still.    when I am clear and clean the reactions are low but still there in their own way.    if I move  away from any of my protocol the reactions Increase 10 fold at least.     I can now predict and surely know what reactions each time I will receive.    I have videos.  I'm working on a utube page.    
The thing that sticks out with mine is
100% goes through glass
it DOES NOT move like a gas. it can be 1000 meters instantly almost like a magnet.

you are contagious. ...  no one really likes thus part but it is true.   while the PATM itself does not seem to transfer...
Yeast will be transferred out through your breath.  same with mold.  also worm eggs.    you may not have all of those Things but if you do they will pass in the air.  trust me. I will explaine how I came to that conclusion later.

enough time around the vocs coming out and people will become ill. again trust me  I have made enough people I care about sick.   if your patm is low maybe you won't but again mine does.

go around someone with poison oak, mosquito bites, dry skin and they will go crazy itching instantly.

last thing for now.   sometimes patm just picks out 1 person to attack.    even know all 4 small children at home react all day at different times and ways.  sometimes we can be in a small room and just one will be miserable even when asleep.  as that person catches it all the others are unaffected.  most of the other times they are all affected equally

hope this makes some sense.
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You put the pieces of it together really well!

I'm not sure if alcohol makes it worse for me.
It does sometimes pass through a window when I close it, but it is far less intense then when the same window was open. One time I think it irritated a person speaking with me on the phone.
I do not make people exactly ill, but they cough a lot as from an allergy, to the point of throat pain and weakened voice. They do react more severely when already having a flu or sensitive respiratory organs.  But I'm concerned if,  whatever it is that we emit from us, is harmful to people around us on long term. Also, I don't know if I'm allowed to get sexual with someone because it might make them become patm.
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It seems to me that before affirming you should have the complete analysis since you say you will prove it soon, if you are on the way to prove your hypothesis, it would be better to try it then write such affirmations. In fact, in my case, when I smoke the PATM is substantially reduced, I do not recommend smoking, but I discovered that when one night I was so tormented with my condition that I started drinking and smoking, I discovered that smoking lowers my PATM condition, Then I can say that maybe some will serve them and others will make them worse. I lived and lived with several people, I never noticed that they would be infected more than the rare allergy symptoms typical of our condition, if it were contagious all of my classroom would be with PATM since I am with them almost 3 years every day in the classroom, as well as in my work I am equal 3 years and nobody presents PATM. On the other hand I would tell you that if you are right in the part that you say that it pierces crystals, and also thin walls, as that is explained, it is also instantaneous, it takes a millisecond to attack. The weirdest thing is that when being relaxed disappears, when you feel confident disappears, it works to reduce stress anxiety, but I see that every month that goes down very little, I'm better than 2 years ago when I even thought about killing myself, but now I do not ............ No one knows what it is, some say it is mold, fungus, intestinal parasites, the liver, kidney, lungs ....... but nobody is clear that is, the same MEBO that supposedly recognizes the problem or at least tries it does not have information and definition about what PATM is really, there is no information. Here, in this forum, many published the supposed cure, in these 3 years I was testing one by one for at least 3 months each and the diets for at least 6 months (one I did in 1 year) each to notice some change , but nothing, at least it did not work, I spent a lot of money, I went to the doctor again and again and always my studies of blood, urine, saliva, ultrasound, etc came out normal, I did PH pylori test and came back negative. ......... .. Be more responsible in publishing comments with affirmations, I understand that we lack information but try to affirm something by testing ... ...

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everything posted above has been well tested as stated.  sorry that you felt my comment was irresponsible.  everything I wrote is 100% true in my case. Tested and Verified... I just let it out as it comes.   I did say that the patm part did not seem contagious.   it's the co infections that can be transferred. I'm 100% on that.  tested and proved.   I'm honestly happy that your classmates only have a slight allgery to you.  you may have patm with no heavy yeast mold or anything else in there.  that's low patm. that's good.  .  Patm is the umbrella company to all of this.         i believe that it makes the other Things take hold somehow.  

I'm not a huge fan of MeBo either. I removed myself from the group  because I didn't agree with them.   they have some important I formation and are holding out because they don't want to be sued.  so here I am. doing what I can to try and help.   take what's useful to you and don't pay attention to the rest.  I u understand I may be extreme to some.   I also thought about ending it at the beginning.   but I couldn't wasnt so easy. o I moved on to searching.
wow on the smoking making yours lower.  I haven't herd that yet.   I'll Mark that down for sure on the lists.   maybe something to do with relaxing you.   there is something to that for sure.    (low oxygen makes it worse fyi.   I want to figure out how to make the aluminum cans pop outside on command  haha. I'm close. )
I sleep 3 rooms over from 4 small children.  with my window open 24/7.  when all is quiet in the middle of the night.  I can start to get angry or sad or excited.  when I do the kids will start getting hit in the other room.  moaning and itching maybe even wake up crying.   think about that.   these are the Things that I live with daily.  

what I have taken away from this forum has been huge.  gave it a name and some direction and support.   I for sure would have went crazy by now if I thought I was the only one with this.  
last thing for now do you get cold or flu sense patm?   a lot of people don't. not all but a lot.  look Into that clue
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we are all.the same team.  just people needing answers.    as for the patm cure.   who knows I do believe some of the people that have been cured.

1. blood transfusion.  I don't care how or why but I felt the person was sincere. if I can do this somehow I will.

2. there is another lady who I believed  was cured through positive enegery.  again who knows the how's or why's.  I personally believe any thing is possible and the young lady's story was also seemed sincere.

3. supposedly the Japanese scientist cured someone through supplements.        we don't know because he isn't sharing.   just holding on to it for profit.  or maybe he doesn't have any thing.  

4. frequencies.   I once had a friend with Lyme.  frequencies and cannabis  cleared him up almost back to New after being Ill for 10 years.   the universe is frequencies.  maybe all this Wi-Fi it just happened to be outs.    I've been looking Into this a lot also.  

as for tests.  

try and check your vitiman levels.
don't rely on parasite stool samples.  
check for heavy metals
If they do.fimd.something wrong with you it's not the patm.

last question today since I'm writi g here. why is it called toxic shame in russia????  another clue.
thank you for your comments , at least I know I’m not having paranoia and unfortunately all is real , where ever I go if there is Ann infant it  starts to cry or get sick , people touch their nose and eyes so often , clearing their throat , if I stay longer they get extreme allergic reactions ,
Im unemployed so the other day had a job interview after 3 weeks of search I went there and the guy after shaking hand with me said I’m no suitable for this job .. don’t know what to do anymore ...
Is there remedy for at least very short time like 30 minutes ... why life can be so cruel
more random  info on the smoking part.   there is a group of about 10 homeless people that have patm.   the most concentrated group I could find yet.   everyone else is spread across the world.   that's how you know diet (unless gmo's or intentionally sprayed) dis not cause this.  

The one I talked to says they all   believe they were targeted and infested at a library in Los Angeles. and 1 in San Diego library.  

again take what you want from it.  I don't know I'm just trying to pass on what I find out.  
WTF -- this is crazy - so you have obviously interviewed people. I think CA and FL use pesticides which chemical exposure make **** worse in immune system severe damaged to DNA/RNA
I don't know about "interview"  but yes I am tracking down and communicating with any patmer I can find.  Collecting data.  Through here On medhelp, the patm Facebook page (I quit it but I stayed in contact with about 10 people from there)     On utube I typed "I make people itch"  found the first girl from southern .ca.  And noticed the background on some of her videos was places I visited while on vacation last year when this started.  I talked with her and she was the 1st one to tell me she was infested by this at a library and She said She wasn't alone in this.   She doesn't even know it's called patm.   But from our conversation I started to look into others in the area.   There's a MeBo map that showed a high concentration of tmau people in the LA area, more than anywhere on the globe.  so between those 2 things was enough for me to be curious.  Last month I took my family on a ride to Venice beach and spent 2 days asking around the (homeless) in the area.  Many  believed they have been being intentionally poisoned.  John for sure had patm I talked to him myself.   The stories he told  are similar to ours here.   So I know all of this isn't "official"  but I at least am doing all I can think of for this.  I must make this patm leave my body.  Anyway I can.   If I can find anything out to help anyone else I will.   I still believe it can't end like this for me.   Thisr that don't believe.  That's ok I understand.  Please disregard all my posts  
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I have to add that whenever I’m nervous or bad mood or feeling bad the symptoms are much worse , I’m sure it is also related to hormonal imbalances too
I have social anxiety and when I’m heavily medicated I don’t notice symptoms or it might be because I don’t care / notice my surroundings anymore
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This is true
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Another thing , I’m reading a lot about it and also I read a lot about TMAU before , I have such a bad craving for sugar 24/7 ... it almost feels like heavy drug addiction, I read somewhere that gut flora has effect on brain with what they make and enters the blood system , I think the bad bacterias need to eat of sugar to overgrow ...
There was also a boy who had 14 day only water fast and cured himself ( from tmau ) which I’m sure it’s extremely dangerous
Just trying to connect the dots from people experiences hopefully something comes out of it ..
At the moment I have started taking black seed oil capsules - Chlorella - and turmeric tea ( freshly grated in hot water ) gonna try omit sugar from tomorrow on. I remember when I cured myself from tmau last time I omitted any kind of sugar ( everything that has sugar which include any carbohydrates that can convert to sugar in the body )  
I will let you know how it goes
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no oil of any kind (that means black seed oil) unless it's MCT (medium chain tryglicerides), preferibly the 8-carbon capyrlic acid (from coconuts/palm)...this thing feeds on all other oils (except also mineral and squalane, but you wouldn't take those internally);  i made many mistakes trying to kill it with essential oils and it must have been happily slurping it up...that includes tea tree oil and the strongest oregano oil out there...the fungus will just consume it as fuel...cutting down on sugar may address the bacterial component of it, but the fungal part of it thrives on ALL ingestible oils except MCT
The thing about oil is your personal experience or any other person has the same ex experience ?
I actually had good luck with fish oils and olive oil but only 1 teaspoon daily olive oil with herbs crushed in it and salmon oil caps
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Lo único que tengo es la nariz tapada ( solo a veces), es decir, se tapa a veces, es como si tuviera alergia, solo eso, no tengo nada de infecciones ni ninguna enfermedad, no me enfermo ni de la gripe. Mi condición es igual en el clima de verano o en invierno, otra cosa que note es que al parecer este PATM viaja en contra del viento, lo estoy experimentando una y otra ves por que había la hipótesis de que el PATM era alguna composición de gas, pues el gas o partículas tendrían que sumirse ante la corriente de aire.  Pero como traspasa cristales? paredes delgadas?  Es muy raro todo esto.
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If they abuse antibiotics without probiotics they only get worse over time, worse, they will acquire new diseases, read well for any treatment plan. I abstain from antibiotics.
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I don't want to speak too soon and I'm hesitant to recommend supplements because I've wasted so much money on them over the past two years. However, I THINK I've seen progress taking NAC and TUDCA. I'm not sure if it's making me less anxious so I don't notice reactions as much or if it's actually healing my insides. Either way, it seems to be doing something that is helping me. I can be in a room of people and only 1-2 will react. It used to be the entire room.
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What are NAC and TUDCA ?? Can you please explain more ?
I recommend you do some research on your own to learn more about these supplements before you decide to purchase them. NAC is an amino acid that is used by the body to build antioxidants. It has been shown to detox and protect the liver. TUDCA is a bile that supports the liver and gallbladder. I think my issues are related to detoxification in my body - low methylation, parasites, candida. I think the NAC may be helping my body detox and repair an overloaded liver. I'm not 100% certain that they are the cure, but I do believe they have helped.
you can eat celery sticks twice a day instead for your liver
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I believe doing intense work outs, and taking a parasite cleanse really help with PATM
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PATM always comes back. I did the PRP facial, it went away for about 3 weeks and it’s starting to come back again. I’ve noticed a decrease in PATM around my period. I don’t know. It’s weird. Maybe it’s released in my blood too. Sorry TMI. I have to start keeping a journal. Maybe I can start noticing a pattern.
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I warned - buy lotrimum -foot cream -put on ur face before bed
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The amount of supplements I take a day is out of this world. The door to my fridge is fully stocked with supplements ugh I hate this.
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Are you sure you suffer from bad breath? I suffer from Patm, not Tmau but I used to think I  had bad breath bc people would rub their noses whenever I would talk until I decided to ask my family and friends if I had bad breath and they said no and they never thought I did. I realized that there’s some type of  odorless gas or irritant that gets released out of my body especially my mouth that makes people’s nose itch. It’s almost like I release histamine or something which cuases people’s nose to run, rub their nose, cough at times and sneeze. Some people will even rub their eyes and will suffer from a migraine headache because their nose is clogged.
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Hey , i always asked my friends if I have bad breath and they always said no but I see them rubbing their nose , their eyes , starting to cough and sneeze and sometimes the reactions are really strong I’m worried something happen to them , especially when I open my mouth ...
I think I’m like you and it’s not really tmau and more patm , do you know anyway to reduce the symptoms ?
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Have you ever taken a parasite cleanse? The one I use is from organic Olivia. Hers is the best in my opinion.
I also take an iron pill because I’m anemic. You should take a blood test before taking an iron pill because it needs to be monitored. I also take collagen, probiotic, a biotin (I feel like im losing my hair ) and vit d
Can you please tell me more about parasite cleanse , actually last year my breath odor or patm was very strong and I was having a very rough time the same time stomach problems and my doctor found that I have giardiasis, after taking medication my patm was gone for a while

Do you think it's morally wrong if I go and donate blood and plasma?  According to the "doctors" my blood is ok and I only have parasites.
I really want to see if that temporarily lowers my symptoms.  If so than we know that part of this is blood related for sure.   I'll probably go regardless sense I don't have much to lose.    I guess my question should really be.  Do they test donated blood before they give it to someone else?  I really dont want to infect any one intentionally
The parasite cleanse really helps. I’ve been taking it consistently for over a year now. I’ve tried organic Olivia’s and dr Clark’s. And I personally like organic Olivia’s better. You should start taking it on the day of the full moon because that’s when we get the most parasites in our stomach. They say parasites, bugs, fish are attracted to the full moon that’s why  fishing is best around the full moon. And women also tend to get their period around the full moon or new moon. (I tend to get mine around the full moon) So they say it’s always best to start a cleanse around the full moon. I dated a guy for about 5 months. He was 50 (I’m 33) and he had the worst bad breath. I remember on our first date he had taken me to see an opera show and during the show his stomach kept making noses and I could smell it. It literally smelled like ****. It was pretty bad. I don’t know if he suffered from stomach issues. But I’m sure he did. I never asked because i didn’t want to be rude. But I had bought him the parasite cleanse from organic Olivia and I told him to try it. I hyped it up and told him how much it really helped me. I never told him about my condition. I told him that I was suffering from fatigue and constant UTIs. (He’s a holistic doctor so I knew he would be into it). Well he started taking it and i noticed his breath started getting better. His bad breath never fully went away but it was def tolerable. I broke up with him after 5 months so I don’t know if maybe after continued use it would eventually go away ? So the moral of the story is that the parasite cleanse really helps!
I don’t know if it’s morally right or wrong to donate blood with our condition. Just like is it morally right that I work part time as a pediatric nurse while having this condition?. I’ve personally never done it. And it’s not because I have the condition. It’s because I hate giving blood unless it’s for blood levels or for a procedure. I don’t know if donating blood will help the condition but try it out. I mean i have noticed that when I get my period people’s reactions seem to be less for some reason. But I lose a lot of blood during my period. I get my period for 7 days and I have to change every 3 hours. During the first day it’s every hour. So if you really think about it, Women lose a lot of blood. That’s why so many women are anemic. So I don’t know if donating blood would do the same for you. But if you try it let me know how it goes.
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stay away from those popular coffee chains- the equipment is never cleaned or not cleaned enough - mold
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heres a simple test for those of you that say its hair related.
wash your hair
towel dry then put freshly squezzed and strained lemon juice about 8oz all over scalp - massage in -- leave on 30 minutes -- rinse - towel dry ----- dosnt itch? sensation gone ?-- because you have fungus on scalp - if so -- wash every 2 days and treat for a long time
fresh lemon -sorry
Do you feel it's hair related?
  My personal opinion on that is for the people that may be leaking chemicals through their skin  because of patm. It surely would also be on the hair and follicles also.  
I have researched some on fungal.skin infections and patm doesn't seem to match up to just  that at all.  Although some patmers do have skin issues.     Personally I give my 6 year old skin issues being around me.  2 weeks away and she cleared right up.  2 days back home and it's returned.   Only where the skin shows.  Arms and face.  Anything covered by clothes seems to stay clear.   All I know is this patm crap is strange in the way it behaves.  There has to be a mix of at least 2-3 different things going on in our body.  Methylation related probably
I do have skin issues and yes your skin is an organ -you excrete toxins- I have all the issues.
my point was -- if you are having scalp issues and see dandruff from time to time -- you have a fungal issue on the scalp.
If you have skin issues - you must bleach all your towels and facecloths to be sure they are disinfected properly - I use white only. Hotels hospitals do the same for this reason and many other sanitary reasons
also - you must wash your hairbrush or combs ect... if you have these issues not to reinfect yourself with a fungus . Just some tips
Understood. Thanks
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I also have patm. I would like to know if any of you tried Chiropractic adjustment or visited a chiropractor? I think its helps especially with breathing properly, which helps eliminate patm.
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