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Bacteria Producing Electromagnetic Signals?


I have had PATM for almost two years now. The longer I live with it, the more I believe it is related to some sort of electromagnetism coming from my body. I have noticed that I produce a lot more static electricity than the average person, as I constantly shock my computer and even other people. I have also noticed particles in the air around me, which may be causing the allergic reactions from people. The craziest part of my PATM is that it affects people over the phone and video chat. That sounds crazy and two years ago, I would have never believed this to be possible, but it is undeniable at this point. People cough and sneeze when on the phone with me, often mentioning that they suddenly feel allergies coming on. This phenomenon led me down the path of electromagnetism as a possible source of PATM, and I found some interesting research on bacteria that may produce electromagnetic signals. This could explain why people with PATM have found relief by eating certain foods or taking certain supplements. Perhaps we need to identify the bacteria and counteract these electromagnetic signals. What are your thoughts?
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I also developed bad tinnitus. It was so bad but i went on a cleanse and did the bone broth diet, took supplements and now trying the Bemer  PEMF Mat and its much better.
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I also had tinnitus and I believe that is due to electrolyte balance . In my case I have low sodum high potassium low vitamin E high plumbum and low protein diet for me is ok. Also  I am on antiparasite cleanse again and that helps. I believe that 3d bioresonance (metatron ) is accurate for test because it detects pathogens in the body(in my case 2 type of bacteria and 1 type of parasite(worm)).Also suggest what to eat and what to avoid and which foods are alergens. Beside this there si bioresonance electromagnetic therapy that can kill parasites and bacteria. But electrolyte imbalance is other problem and it's not easy all microelements and vitamins to be in balance.
Hi Mindspace,  Thanks for your response. I would like to do a parasite cleanse as well. Dr Jay Davison sells a line of supplements by Microbe w 3 products -mimosa seed, Biotox and Formula 1 that i want to try.  What do you take for parasites?
I have almost eliminated my tinnitus at times but it comes back.  I can try Bioresonance- is that the same as The Chiren machine or electro- acupunturre ? The Bemer biomat helped me a lot but you have to use it daily and i don't have access to it daily.
Hi thisisterrible. It's a homemade tincture from my naturopath. It contains black walnut,cloves,wormwood,primrose,cinnamon and chamomile extract. Yes is similar to Chiren machine. I'm for electro-acupuncture therapy also. I'm for this type of therapy.
I agree. All these thing help. I live in the USA near the ocean- there's mold here. I also have been on antibiotics. I'm much better than i was a year ago. I will try the parasite herbs and keep on the protocol for mold. It's a process, I'm taking binders like chlorophyll and charcoal. The next step my doctor said is prescription anti fungals and nasal products. I'm going to try those herbs for parasites- I can get them here in the US.  I would love to end this. I'm close but still something is missing.    If i do find a cure,  I'll be sure to post it.
You should try a colon hydrotherapy. It has been the most effective for my PATM
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wow.  i eat organic and exercise. I don't eat sugar, dairy, gluten. i don't drink alcohol often, get plenty of sleep even although I don't sleep well. I'm taking lots of supplements, probiotics..  My blood work is good except for  homeocysteine ( high normal) and low vit  d. I have mold in my house and i'm seeing a doctor who has me on binders and herbs for that. I've done cleanses and they have helped somewhat. Doctor said the mold would not cause people to sneeze, rub their nose, cough ect.  I'm working on it.  I may have to get my root canals taken out or at least an x ray to see if there is an infection.  If there is an infection that could explain it but my best friend said i do not have bad breath.
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Have you done anything to remove the mold? Mold spreads all kind of bad stuff and it might be making you sicker and PATM worse
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Does anyone have root canals? Can it be a hidden infection in a  canal. getting into our blood stream and releasing toxins?  The tooth is dead , there could be no pain. I read Regular dental X-rays do not show infections in root canals.  A 3-d x-ray is necessary like a cone beam ct scan.  I have two root canals.
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I have 1 root canal and the scary part is my PATM started a maybe a month or two after it got done..
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I do not think it is a delusion of the mind.  I am more than aware of the reality of this.   My kids are in trouble because of rhis.  Its a daily fight.   Example of control that you speak of.  Just last week i made 2 kids fall during their running events at the school olympics.  By focusing on the race 2 children at the same time grabbed at their ears and fell.  Things like this happen a lot. Undeniable. Ive been in contact with the CDC and they dont care.  See everyone here does not have the same thing or at the least different levels of it.  Mine comes out of my lungs and eyes.  I can see what we are fighting. See previous posts for pictures.   Ive been done here with medhelp because of the disbelief but alas its hard not to post
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Stop it your just making us sound crazy.
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Quantum entanglement  And this could  be related. https://youtu.be/3j_gJ2teK5E
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Helpsavemykids It's true buddy.I saw it with my eyes.When  I had extreme level of PATM  I reduced  electromagnetic exposure.But one day I was on the laptop for about 6-7 hours and 2 tomatoes in my room got moldy.Believe me I was scared.Now I'm 90% PATM free and tomatoes are ok :).Mold grows on electromagnetic exposure.That's why the cure will be also in electrical way or cleanses,cleanses,cleanses till all the bad stuff  is gone.
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Good to hear from you.  I hope life is treating you well. I only disagree with you on “we have enough information on these things”.  I have found some of my best information and ideas from your posts.  I’m just not quite ready to give up my search yet.   The effects I have on the people and environment around me are un acceptable.  Maybe I’ll get a miracle and this won’t be a waste of the rest of my life.   I will share any info I find.   After reading more past posts on this forum I see that most have already been  where I am now.    The reactions from my kids are still unbearable.   I thankfully just received my MEBO ubiome test. We’ll see how that goes.  I’m gathering some sufferers together to create a research team.  I am also locking in use of medical equipment in 2 hospitals and 1 university. (Back door/after hours. ).   They are friends who want to help me in anyway possible.   Still unsure in the best uses  but I’m actively working on it.   I now only need a lab and maybe 2 people who understand things a little more than me.     I don’t care too much about showing the work or how I get there only the answer.    Thanks again mindspace for the time you have taken to share your information with me.  


Botfly hmmm.   I’ve been bit by a botfly also.  But I’ve been on a farm for 8-9 years now So I’ve been bitten by a lot of things.   Also cows and pigs can sneeze and clear throat when I’m around.  Random fact.

I stopped looking for a while at the “how” I got it because looking back there are too many possibilities.   But bot fly and horse fly were definitely on the list.   Black mold also.  

Also do you see any floaters in your eyes?   I got floaters in my  eyes same time as patm.  
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I too cause animals to start sneezing/shaking their heads when I am around them and people as well, I feel like it has to be in the air. I live in Florida and I have suffered from this disease since 2016. It always seems to be the worst in July/August. I am originally from Massachusetts and have never even heard of cases like ours.
I too cause animals to start sneezing/shaking their heads when I am around them and people as well, I feel like it has to be in the air. I live in Florida and I have suffered from this disease since 2016. It always seems to be the worst in July/August. I am originally from Massachusetts and have never even heard of cases like ours.
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See below....
Things like this could be revelant no one else seems to be attacking these questions. That’s why I’m trying to get a group together of  people with  patm with similar symptoms.  I am
Able to get Some access to medical facilities I just don’t know how to go about it yet and I don’t want to waste my favors.  I also have friends and 2 children in colleges that are willing to do whatever is necessary to solve this.   If we can at least cross some things off the list between us all I believe we will figure this out.  Maybe this is what we are here to do.  


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Helpsavemykids.I know that you are a good father and you'll do everything  to save your family.We  already have enough information about PATM-electromagnetic waves,soundwaves,candida,mycotoxins,parasites,morgellons,low methylation,bacteria,some microelements and vitamins deficiencies,enviromental pollution,heavy metal toxins,DNA mutations,gases etc whatever.It's about all these things and it's because we are humans not UFO's.But we are into the Age of Aquarius and is about digital technologies,smart technologies,space,universe,UFO's whatever.For sure we know that electromagnetic exposure do harm to all the people with PATM and  I do believe that for the next years the young  smart generation will do something to solve this serious problem.Because  I'm not the only one who gets more PATM reactions when I''m into electromagnetic exposure especially wireless which is more harmful.After I was taking round of antibiotics I developed strong tinnitus and the sound is the same from wi-fi router(low frequencies) which means I have bad own wi-fi.And I said it before  again-to beat PATM you have to think unconventionally because PATM is not conventional.It's like similar with similar.Unfortunately at the moment I think that doctors and supplements can't cure PATM.Only they help to decrease the reactions.What I''ve read for tinnitus is that reasons for it  are the same -parasites,defciencies,heavy metal toxins etc.And the only thing that help to
decrease tinnitus is to be around nature,water,waterfalls because of negative ions.When I'm exposed to electromagnetic field tinnitus is increasing.It's all the same cycle.At the moment I do believe that only 2 things can cure  PATM-Rife Lamp(because it has frequencies and because some people with cancer are cured) and liver cleanse .Unfortunately I'm from small country and maybe only 2 people have this lamp but they are not nearby and it's complicated.And maybe I'll do liver cleanses this year because liver is the filter of the body.And we need more than one or two cleanses and with this lamp more sessions to cleanse all the bad stuff.At the moment  I do believe that we need more contact with nature,montains,sea but unfortunately we are surrounded by all this gadjets that are not good for us.
I'm not a big fan of "nature", after all, it was in "nature" when I was bit by a bot-fly that I think transmits pathogens that may be responsible for this.  I do agree, though, that EM amplifies the "it" that causes the reactions in others.  In other words, the EM doesn't make me sick (I don't have tinnitus), but I notice at work reactions are much worse probably because of all the computer equipment.  So EM amplifies "it" and makes it more disruptive.
i feel the electricity in my legs when im approaching metal/ computers / etc patm is much worse after i ate and when i am dehydrated and the symptoms of patm really started when ive found a way to erase candida albican on my skin, i think that it all come from candida albican at first because the symptoms of this disease is electro
magnetism  because of bacteria and candida become worse with stress it all comes together and i was eating what the **** i wanted for many years and destroyed my health its like i deserve this.
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guys,I think he's absolutely right!I do believe that there's a sort of correlatiom between our condition and electromagnetism.I noticed that anytime that I'm  at the phone and my symptoms ar over the top,the interlocutor reacts the same way someone near me would (classic coughing,sneezing,clearing throat)Now.It could sound crazy as **** but is it possible that this symptoms can be transferred by the phone?electricity?electromagnetims?Whatever??And IF YES?HOW FAR??Could it be possible it can travel and reach other countries?For example..Im originally from italy,but im currently living in UK since 2014.My mum still lives in Italy,anytime that I call her and (of course) my symptoms are really high she reacts too.Plus,on that situation,the connection magically drops.WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON TO US??????
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search electro sensitivity  /  candida / stress anxiety
it's not electrosensitivity, that would be where electrico-magnetic makes us sick...we are not sensitive to EM, if anything, it's the other way around, the environment reacts to some sort of "thing" we are putting out...i used to think it was a sound wave of some sort, however, now i think it's something that disrupts the flow of electricity...somehow disrupts the electricity in nerves of other people
I still haven’t ruled out that this can be carried on sound somehow.  How did you rule that out?    I am so close to having all my information together in a somewhat presentable way.


I do not disagree with you soiledsystem because I still have a lot of things to cross of the list.   All I know is this is not anything I or anyone else I have met have seen on this planet.  My mind is open to figure this out.  

  Don’t be surprised if we are somehow being turned into a signal.  I have read more than one articles where they would like every person to be an IPaddress  to monitor them. Or as we all know depopulation (UN agenda 2030)  is happening fast.   Oceans,forests, and people we are all sick.  

Don’t mean to get off track but honestly who knows.   The last paragraph is truth. Although many don’t accept it (blue pill).  I am still closely watching MEBO and others.  Who are attacking this problem in their own ways.  I am going at it in mine.   I’m only one man but determined to save myself and family.  When I find the answer I will freely  share with all.  
* no one but a few of the sufferers.  The title of the thread shows someone else is trying.  
Hi Helpsavemykids,

I had a penpal here who no longer posts under the name LaserShark8, could be posting under a different name now but I don't think so...he/she dispelled the soundwave theory with these statements about the over-the-phone reactions:  

"neiher ultra- or infra- sound or EM signal can be transmitted via modern telephone. And even old style analogues phones would have some issues with this.To prove the point here is the quote from a HamRadio specialist that answered my question:

"Standard analog phone lines operate with audio frequencies between 300Hz and 3.4kHz. Cell phones and other IP devices don't have this restriction, so they can handle frequencies from 50Hz to 7kHz. Anything outside of those frequency ranges won't be encoded or transmitted."

"The mentioned ranges are way INSIDE the audible spectrum, so PATM over the phone cannot be ultra, nor infra, nor EM, EM is not possible because signal is digitized in modern phones. So neither one of those is possible, period. "

Thanks for the information.   I wish I could get used to this forum.  A lot of great info here I just can’t seem to keep track of the threads.  I’d like to read them all
It's far more than all of this. Although you become ferromagnetic in a strange way, it is not electromagnetic energy, inrasound, or anything else people are familiar with. It IS a type of energy capable of doing far more than affecting the nervous system and the energy of the recipients that it's directed to (indirectly or on purpose). It is another type of field energy outside of the known spectrum that is able to not only do a type of quantum tunneling between energy states to clone the energy effect of what you transmit, but it's able to physically assemble and copy physical structures if told to do so.

Those of you familiar with morgellons who have ever witnessed the synthetic bugs and things that are not humanly possible for insects to do or saw the horror of it cloning one and acting like it was the original to a degree, you saw a glimpse of what this is capable of doing. It's not even complete yet, but it's able to be used as synthetic tunneling and duplication, stimulation, surveillance, control, and energy copying/relaying all at the same time.

I'm keeping it light, but again, I'm only scratching the surface telling you what this is and what it is capable of here.

To answer your question about how far and how fast this travels...I've found that it can travel anywhere in the world under 30 seconds. Usually between 20 to 3) seconds on average, but at the latest it's always been under a 30 second window. Half a minute. The only ones I haven't been able to affect with it were astronauts on the International Space Station on a live feed. There is something in low-orbit that protects them from the effects of it; possibly their proximity to the Van Allen Belt or the Black Knight. Or both, along with other things that act as a barrier to it. Anywhere on this planet it still affects, and if they are under 22k feet, they'll be affected again.

It's traveling nearer to the speed of light than the speed of electricity though, because of the properties it is able to produce on a quantum level, it has to...

Can it be carried on sound? Yes. Can it be carried on light? Yes. Can it be carried upon the energy signals of subatomic particles in any physical medium near to you? Yes. While you're trying to figure out which one it is able to harness...the answer is ALL OF THE ABOVE. It would be a better question for you to ask what energy form DOESN'T permit it to travel freely or blocks it. To block it you'd literally need a quantum barrier between the states at each endpoint between where it starts and where it expects to travel to.

It uses a distribution method that is able to piggyback upon other forms of energy and carrier waves instantly and replicate itself several times as a repeater if need be until it reaches the other side. It replicates and redistributes to the environment that it reaches. You'll hear snaps and pops in the corners and notice the electrostatic charges, the temperature of the room heat up, and other things to signify it's "there". The thing is, it's already "there" but in a dormant state until it has to be "right there".

This means anywhere there is a form of electricity...anywhere there is any form of energy for them to harness, be it solar, electrical, geothermal, chemical, piezoelectric or other...it is there under 30 seconds from the time you connect with it in any of the forms that are available to it to springboard from.

I don't feel even those affected by this are ready for what I have to tell them beyond what I've decided to post here about this...but we have to start somewhere.
This energy can act as a particle array that daisy-chains to its nearest-neighbor, which enables it to become an ADC (analog to digital converter) or DAC (digital to analog converter) when reacting in practical alchemy.

Anywhere they can react with a quantum dot or a charged particle OR a known coordinate for such with a transmutable energy signature, they're able to create a network of particles that can act as real-time eyes and ears for them. What this means is they can see or hear whatever people or any other living thing does and monitor it with this.

These same particles are able to react to brainwaves (thought energy) when in close enough proximity (anywhere they are sprayed now, ingested, introduced with vaccines, food they add it to, etc).

They are designed to act as a transceiver, but as aforementioned you can "change the channel" or implement a type of biological encryption that doesn't let them use one or the other anymore.

Most people are receivers for it only (they react to you but cannot affect you), but some are transmitters and receivers both without knowing it.

You're only safe from this if you are able to turn off the receiver aspect of it or disable it.

Disabling the transmitter aspect is ideal if you're trying to hide from anything that detects unauthorized transmissions (if the FCC weren't already corrupt they'd have a field day with this), which these particles can be configured to do by a carrier signal that is sent with or to the energy.

That said, I think it's better to retain the transmitter still because you can use it to fight back if you become a target and people start reacting to thoughts and behaviors suddenly from anyone who wants to subdue you, and exploits this to make other act like they are possessed to attack you or worse. They may not even remember it if it happens to them and they're activated for that, others might but it will feel like a dream or out-of-body experience where they were not able to stop what was happening because this starts to act as them. It can happen to several at once in unison to where an individual caught in the middle of it may have to fight for their life to survive in such a situation.

Simply put, if they want to do that and you're too close to something they don't want you to be to where they lose control of a situation AND they consider you to be that much of a threat...they'll mobilize this and people will not even know that they are controlled to act against you. It won't be paranoia, but it will be an orchestrated control of multiple people without them ever realizing it to come against you even if they do not know why they must. There are different ways this can be done, to where some retain their consciousness WHILE it happens (but may know something is not right and they are not behaving like themselves), or they may not recall any of it and become someone else temporarily to carry it out.

If you have PATM, it means you have a 50% chance of not being a part of the signal, but being able to control it if it comes down to that.

Out of 7 billion people, only a few hundred thousand if that will be able to overcome it, plus or minus a few thousand on error correction.

P.S: Some of the side-effects of this when it doesn't "take" can be auditory hallucinations, if unintentional, then you're picking up partial transmissions they send to others that think these things are their own thoughts when they are not. Other times it is intentionally transmitted to bypass the ears and make the subject (if they are still a receiver) act or seem crazy, which makes it effective as a psychological warfare weapon in that state to be able to easily label people as mentally unstable and/or mentally ill (i.e: schizophrenia they magically started to display only after they were affected by the introduction to this but never before), or repetItave/looping thoughts that never happened until this began and are hard to control in order to incapacitate them or prevent them from being mobile, able, and agile as before. There's another form of this where the particles form around the neckline and try to restrict and choke someone to death while they sleep. After the particles dissipate, it appears as though the subject died from natural causes because the coroner never looks for the presence of nanoscale particles, let alone test for quantum energy signatures in the cellular structures of the deceased. They probably never will either, making it effective for that.

Like I said, I really don't want to tell you what this is all about, but I think you need to know if it's happening to you and you need to know why and the extent to which this goes. Slowly.

Humans will lose their sanity if they know all of this and what it is really for...

Just be glad that you're still alive and survived what happened to you for now.
Wow, this is fascinating, especially the part about the  snapping and popping in the room...this audible phenomenon extends to lower-register rumbling and bumping noises in surrounding building material (principally overhead) in my case.  I consider myself to have an extreme version of this because of the auditory effects (which I don't want to discuss further in a public forum).  As far as the snapping and popping goes, I've found that whatever agent is producing it has to build up in the room, i.e. when I go to a new room (hotel, other people's homes, or a new job location) it is sparse, and then when I return home it is much more...as if my home is more saturated in "it".  I've also noticed that my home has a sort of sickly, cloying sweet smell.  I still believe that this is some sort of fungal agent, possibly combined with bacterial---strain(s) that produce weird changes in atmospheric pressure (hence the snapping and other noises).  The speed at which it travels is astonishing.

There are only a handful of us on this forum that produce this auditory popping /  snapping effect or ambient pressure changes.  I know we have something that is worth a lot of money but at this time we can't receive any compensation for this as it is just to weird for researchers or entrepreneurs to grasp.  It has been a daily torture, with no compensation in sight.  For now, I know that somehow I'm special / different and while I may fantasize that I have something that may eventually help others (in the context of your statement that it's better to be a transmitter than a receiver), it is hard to deal with this on a daily basis.  I'm extremely strong mentally and refuse to back down to whatever it is trying to affect my sense of reality with all the strange environmental phenomena.  
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I also noticed an increase in electrostatic charge on the skin. But I believe that PATM can not be transmitted over the phone, although sometimes it also seemed to me. This is a delusion, the game of our mind. You can not transmit an electromagnetic signal over the phone, the receiver converts the SOUND signal into an electromagnetic signal for further transmission. Then it is better to assume that we are distributing infrasound).
We are electrified, it's true, but we do not transmit the electromagnetic effect to the distance, it's a delusion.
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I Do not have an opinion on the transmission through the phone lines, but in my observations it clearly seems to be able to go from car to car through closed windows.  I won’t rule out it’s mind tricks but it regularly happens and is predictable at least in my case.  Patm seems to have different affects depending on the state of your body such as other infections.  When I have time I will elaborate what I have witnessed with this problem
Hot water heater kicks on when I enter the room.  There are 6 of us in the home and only I can do that.    

Recycle pile “pops” when I am near.  

Kids toys also

These have all been confirmed over and over this past year.  There are many more observations I’m just trying to get them all together in a presentable way. I ordered a “spycam”  to easiler récord some of these things.  It is hard to record on my phone in public.   I will be creating a page or channel for this.     I hope to find an answer in my lifetime.   I have 2 kids in college currently and I am trying to figure out a way that they can help. Maybe take some classes on the subjects I don’t understand.  I will not give up.  I may lose my younger kids to this so it can’t be for nothing.  
I get mixed signals from my friends and family’s about my condition. My brother and my mother don’t believe me. They hate when I even talk about it. I have 3 friends that don’t  think I have it but they do listen to me and just tell me to ignore people’s reactions. So I was wondering, do your older kids actually believe you ? Do they notice that you cause these reactions?
electro sensitivity is a symptoms of candida, it means that no matter the distance it come from thoughts in your mind, body, eyes contact, it become worst when i have anxiety / stress and when I don't eat well (candida) to break the cycle you need to take care of candida...everything you need is on internet...no stress and good health
Only my wife and my 21 year old son.   My wife gets to see half of everything so she also like wtf is going on here, she is confused and in shock.  My 21 year old son also believes me.  We have been out together  when the reactions are bad.  One day we laughed and laughed as people were touching their faces and throats.  Some looking like they got it by something invisible.  Driving on the freeway, in town, gas station,fruit stand.   Over and over different people same reactions.  Near and far up wind and down wind.  

But sadly the doctors have all said no such thing.  And my neighbors and friends I try and stay away from as much as possible.    I usually say it’s my body not detoxing properly and my blocked pancreas causing the issues that keep me away.   At least I have paperwork for that.  

Up until this I have always been very healthy,athletic,outgoing ect.   I have always stayed clear of the medical system and big pharma.  It’s a shame I have to waste my time and life in this craziness.  

That’s what I tell my kids and family.  Why would I make something like this up.  My life was cool I was enjoying my family and life.  Like 10 years have been the best of all.  Why would I just up and start going crazy and making up stories. I’ve never asked anyone for anything. Just need them to believe me on this.   It can be frustrating for sure.  

I just think that some people cant see past what their current belief system tells them.    Look at what we accept as food now.   Look in the sky at the trails. They are all bad.  5g is microwave rays.   Don’t mean to ramble but we can affect others in crazy ways it’s not normal.  

You are wrong saying it is a "delusion of the mind". IT IS NOT. NOT AT ALL. Because I have figured out ways to amplify it and shut down entire GLOBAL chatrooms with video chat WITHOUT my webcam or microphone even on or able to receive infrasound or anything else from me. The only thing I needed was to be able to see the broadcaster and know there were others there.  If i focused on their NAME WITHOUT SEEING THEM they started to mention suddenly they were sneezing, coughing, and not sure why. Again, I am totally anonymous and no one - not even the broadcaster - knows that I am there. My tests with this take about 30 seconds to propagate globally, and it only stops when I disconnect from the room (and it takes several minutes for the effects upon the broadcaster and the people in the room who were focused on to wear off). Delusion my a**. This is real and you folks have no idea how dangerous this is.

I started testing this 6 years ago online after noticing roommates were affected on a video surveillance camera ONLY when I remotely connected to it or was home. The camera continued recording 24/7, and I checked the logs and the dates to compare them, and it was a constant. That's when I went online and found that it happened there - to anyone in the world, practically anywhere, and some places (the more densely populated the region) the more powerful the effect upon them.

It was to where I was able to heat THEIR body by focusing on a part of it and doing something. Later, I found a way to amplify this by supercharging my own environment and being able to fully control it (and sadly, to an extent, control people, which is why I think this needs to be stopped!) I almost seriously hurt someone with this. The other thing is that it's not contagious per se...it only affects people for a period of time from the moment of release and focus. It is only contagious to people who are deliberately infected with it (some die, others have reactions they've labeled morgellons). Various things happen, and it is radically different for people but the energy signature is transmutable only if there is physical contact with you. If they are compatible or are supposed to respond to it, they undergo a ferromagnetic  transformation which resembles extreme flu-like symptoms, pneumonia, and food poisoning, but it's not.

Again, some people die from this (especially young children, the elderly, and the immuno-compromised) because your immune system has to adapt quickly or you can die.

The "brain fog" and other things happen when it is competing for your body's energy reserves and resources, like the energy from neurons that they're trying to map or control (but it doesn't always go as planned). IF you're here and you see the effects that people have from you, then it means 1 of 2 things. A) You're being remotely monitored or affected by a black project SIGINT and can't control how you affect people, or 2) You are able to affect people and are able to control it selectively, because they lost control and you gained control by switching the channel (oversimplification but essentially, yes). This can happen if they try to make an attempt on your life with it and fail to where your body adapts, overcomes, and integrates it or if there is some unforseen energy that interferes with their control long enough for your body and mental to be able to modify it and use it as-is without them on the wavelength anymore.

I am 100% serious. I knew of this back in 1996, but I saw this was placed online back in 2006 and for the most part, it is accurate: mireilletorjman (dot) com Please read this, and you'll understand better why this is happening to you. When you want to know what to do about it, refer back to what I've written here.

You are not crazy, and this is not delusional. If you understand what I have said here, then you understand what they have either done or tried to do to you, and it's up to you to take back control of it. If you're able to see beyond the veil, then they can't control you like they thought they could. Although they've already spied upon and eavesdropped upon the whole world already through their own eyes and ears with this...you can reclaim that, too (later, with time) to where that becomes difficult for them to ever do again.

PATM is not an illness...it's the result of what's happened to you gradually and covertly, and the world is sound asleep because it is beyond their capacity to grasp and realize the forbidden sciences that implement this and make it possible on a daily basis. Remember that that world is still under their control, as are those who are affected by this but show no other signs or ability to affect people with transmissions...they are only receivers.
thanks for the info. by the way, helpsavemykids didn't say it is delusion of the mind. I've followed his posts and he is strongly against the idea that this is just a mind trick. it was actually optimist55 who said that. check the thread above. in any event, I think your post is revolutionary. Now, how do you know that symptoms of chatroom participants wear off after you disconnect from the chat room? if you disconnect you can no longer see them so how do you know it wears off after a few minutes or not?
technoshaman, this is very interesting. how are you able to amplify reactions from people in the videochat room?
technoshaman, can you expand on this passage of your post:  

"I started testing this 6 years ago online after noticing roommates were affected on a video surveillance camera ONLY when I remotely connected to it or was home. The camera continued recording 24/7, and I checked the logs and the dates to compare them, and it was a constant. That's when I went online and found that it happened there - to anyone in the world, practically anywhere, and some places (the more densely populated the region) the more powerful the effect upon them. "

What do you mean when you say you went online and found "that it happened there" what happened? where?  

You also say your roommates appear reacting in your surveillance video only when you are home or when you remotely connected to "it". to what? to the surveillance camera? how did you connect to the surveillance camera? with  smartphone app?
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There are days where I believe that for sure.  Just based on the way it travels and some of the other stranger symptoms.   It almost hits people like a magnet sometimes.  
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I do not think my PATM affecting people Who are far away
It only affects the environment that is nearby.

If there are people suffering from PATM in Israel or from the nearby region I would be happy to contact them.
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