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Do people notice you're the causing their reactions?

Lately I have been getting some dirty looks from strangers when I'm in public. Before I could blend in without people noticing that I was causing the reactions, but now it's worse.

I decided to see a physician Today because I have been feeling really ****** about my PATM. I was hoping to get a PH test and possibly some antibiotics. I told them about my TMAU, but the doctor and her assistant said that my breath smelled fine (I guess that's good). I didn't tell them about my PATM because they weren't believing me since I'm a healthy adult. Oddly enough, more than half the people in the waiting room were having reactions to me, but the doctor and the nurse didn't react to me. They only suggested that I should speak to their behavioral therapist.
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That is probably what most of encounter.   Nobody believes us.  When we see a doctor, they don't detect anything or believe us.   But u walk out the room and there are the reactions.   This has happened so many times I can't even count.  That's why I'm recording my reactions now.  
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it's electromagnetic in nature, the truth is when you are very close to someone the person do not react. "THERE IS NO SMELL" so if tell ur doctor you have TMAU he will think you getting crazy "olfactory reference syndrome "

Infact i have the cure yah..i told you guys to do the "capsule endoscopy " even though through our research we learnt that many conditions can cause PATM we also learnt that the main organ which make  many people develop PATM is the small intestine.

Stay bless bro...
Observer you mentioned the blood transfusion re iron deficiency. You also refute the candida fungal diagnosis, which HAS worked on others partially or totally. Now that it is the blood you isolating makes a fullblown sense - What goes in gets absorbed - but are damage to gut, linings and small intestine not prohibiting the healthy complete breakdown of the long-mentioned foods. On what basis are you stating this? Are you totally slamming the candida diet or acknowledging it as temporary half-baked soultion. As soon as I eat red meat, stuff myself with pasta, rice, gym sups the reactions increase markedly inc the sudden shutting of windows of my near neighbours (which is hurtful to my esteem but put into perspective as a fact of life that hopefully will be overcome which eases feelings of morbidity. Emitting the stinks or noxious gases whether scented or unscented  has seldom to never been disputed. This is my situation, Im a skinny guy and at the moment am gouging myself on some of most of the no-no foods and gyming my *** off. Im taking a protein/carb rich supplement inbetween meals to boost my caloric intake. I was weighing 63 less than two months ago and am now 71.  I havent gone for a candida test, many others have and tested positive. Ive spoken to holistic doctors on this point - As interpol highly recommended - but still the same explanation which irks me and they all mentions the first symptoms are fatigue, nails, foot fungal which is CR?P. I ignore those as we know there are many other which we relate too.
I've basically mentioned mostly my issues so if you could get back to the couple-so questions I have I'd greatly appreciate it.
One last thing, the capsule endoscopy you mention, it is a step prior to the blood transfusion right? With regard to the blood transfusion, how does the monitoring of the small intestine relate? If it is were our blood, how is a transfusion going to 'heal' the dysfunctional intestine. I do have a layman based answer but would like to hear your views.

God Bless
oh and my mass building is all in lure of July's candida diet weight loss.
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