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Do you make people feel hungry?

I always get the complaint that they feel "starving" and occasionally it progresses to them feeling sick. Like what the ****? Does anybody else experience this reaction?
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Nope, only hot,sick, tired or cold if not coughing and sneezing.
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Yeah I get all them but hunger seems to be most common recently, maybe they just mistaking nausea for hunger. It's strange.
ofc I also seem to cause sick stomach
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Yea people do complain that they feel hungry. I noticed that my stomach rumbles a lot when I’m around people. I noticed it just now, I’ve been home most of the evening  and my stomach was calm  there’s this guy that lives next door to me and everytime he  steps outside, he coughs so bad, to the point that it sounds like he’s about to throw up. He keeps the AC on in his apartment all day and night even now that it’s winter and it’s cold out he’ll still keep it on.  I think he gets sick from my patm. I know that sounds crazy but patm travels far. Well he wasn’t home yesterday or today. He just got home and now all of a sudden my stomach is rumbling. That feeling like I’m hungry. I decided to go on this forum bc of the feeling I just got and it crazy that this is the post that popped up. Maybe the bacteria we have is electrical or something.
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Si se relajan o están en un lugar tranquilo en el campo solos, notaran que todo parece normal, hasta la alergias y estreñimientos desaparecerá. PATM tiene mucho que ver con tu condición emocional mental, por eso reaccionas de esa forma, lo describiste claro, es asi PATM, seguramente algún trauma condiciona al cuerpo para que este genere algo, pero no se sabe que es hasta ahora, quizás activa ciertas bacterias o parecidos, no sabemos, lo cierto y vuelvo a recalcar de que tiene que ver con el psicosomatismo. Próximamente visitare un hipnotizador y demás actos que ayuden a la salud mental.  
If you relax or are in a quiet place in the countryside alone, you will notice that everything seems normal, until allergies and constipations will disappear. PATM has a lot to do with your mental emotional condition, that's why you react that way, you described it clearly, that's how PATM, surely some trauma conditions the body so that it generates something, but it is not known what it is until now, maybe it activates certain bacteria or similar, we do not know, the truth and I emphasize again that it has to do with psychosomatism. Soon I will visit a hypnotist and other acts that help mental health.
It is fungus 100%
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