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Do your pets react to you?

I have 2 cats, one coughs around me and the other sounds like he's coughing up a damn furball lol.
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Yes, it does happen to animals as it should but it will depend on the concentration level and the fact that most gases compounds that are toxic to humans are also toxic to animals. Some humans and animals can tolerate toxins more than others. What doesn't add up is how our own bodies have been able to counter the toxicity of this gases compound. Hopefully in the future someone can identify the compound using Gas chromatography–mass spectrometry (GC-MS). Only then can we begin to understand why it behaves as it does.
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after intensifying patm, the dogs became aggressive and some sneezed violently for several minutes.
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Hey nickgnu1989,

You were not ignored, I have just been really busy at work especially the last few days. I will have some time this weekend. Have a great day.

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Hi,ray, as i know, you had followed the youtuber(the gut war)'s advice to adjust your diet to dialy kefir and more natural fiber, for a while.  I recently subscribed this guy's channel, and i am thinking about if i should have a try too.
So can you share your information about this diet, did it worked for you ,or how long have you keep this diet.
Look forward to your favourable reply. Hope  you enjoy your life.
To be honest with you most patmers don't have Candida or fungal infections besides you. In the beginning stage of patm I thought I had Candida as first but that theory been debunked years ago when I got tested negative for it. In my opinion, I feel like Candida and patm is 2 different things and do not trigger one another. And the reason why I said that is because there's countless of people out in this world that's not apart of this medhelp site that have candida but never suffer or heard of patm
Don’t take my word for it, listen to doctors and experts.
I’m very in tune with my body and have suffered with this more years than you’ve been alive and I have researched this PATM for many years. You can keep denying that it’s not related but I feel very strongly about what causes PATM and how I can manage it to a level that will allow me to live a happy life.
This candida is getting so bad that people are suffering schizophrenia and other debilitating brain diseases. It can even make you have mood swings. There is people on this forum who suffer other diseases and think that PATM is the cause.

Do you even know my age? And what's the purpose for you to say you've had patm before I've been alive? Well, congratulation man! You can keep the trophy and all the awards that comes with it for being the longest sufferer cause I don't want it, ever.  I will continue to live my life happy as well and IN DENIAL that I don't have candida or fungus overgrowth. I am currently living a great life which is more than managable and I hardly get any reactions at all and that's without taking any supplements or treatment. For the most part, I don't get any reactions at all and I'm around thousands of people at the protest weekly. Nobody reacts whatsoever. You might be misinformed by doctors and experts to think candida triggers patm. They don't even have a single clue what PATM is. Like I said earlier, there's countless of people in this world who have or had candida but never suffered patm. I spoke to a few candida sufferers in the past and that's how I know. So if you keep thinking the way you are now you have a very long shot at being cured and you may never find the cure if you don't change your mindset. I'm just keeping it real 100%.  

Now, please explain why a few people in the past who cured themselves and they didn't suffer candida? And if you truly believe candida and patm are related how can CANDIDA cause people to react through phones, walls, lampposts? People today are saying they still get this reactions. And you can't say they're are schizophrenic because I was once at that stage and it actually happened. Not the lamppost tho  

All I'm saying is the answer is within you and that's your mind whether you believe it or not. Good luck!    
I guess your a doctor and have all the answers to PATM and if anybody disagrees with you, you lash out and start insulating. Good luck with your mental issues. Hope you get over it.
I am not saying I'm a doctor. I'm just saying doctors don't understand what we have. As far as I remember, everybody on this site said the same thing about not being able to get any assist from doctors who think patm don't exist. Now, before you walk away can you answer my 2 previous questions.

Please explain why a few people in the past who cured themselves and never suffered candida? And if you truly believe candida and patm are related how can CANDIDA cause people to react through phones, walls, lampposts? People today are saying they still get this reactions. And you can't say they're are schizophrenic because I was once at that stage and it actually happened. Not the lamppost tho
At the lowest point In my life when PATM was really bad and I was an ignorant young adult not eating well and basically not taking care of health, my wife started to smell fecal odors when we were driving in the car to someplace. I had just heard of TMAU and new of its results. I told myself that I didn’t get a handle on this smell that I would probably loose my wife and developed full fledge TMAU.
So I decided to do research research research for many years trying different foods/supplements/exercise.
I eliminated sugar/ processed foods/ dairy/ from my diet. Exercised 3 times a week for an hour a day and I not only avoided TMAU but I also cut PATM reactions to a minimum. Now I live a prosperous and happy life  putting astronauts into space.

Please watch the young black gentleman and just listen to what he says.

That was me in my younger days when I was a stubborn hard headed person. Luckily I caught it before it got really bad and out of control.
His diet was very poor to say the least but realized by trial and error what exasperated the smell. He knows he has to keep a strict diet due to smell.

Maybe you don’t smell and your situation is minor but please take care of yourself before you cause Irreparable damage to your health. Like the saying goes “you are what you eat”.
You still haven't answered my questions. But it's all good because it's really not that important. I wish you the best of luck on your journey.
Do you ever feel people get uncomfortable when you talk to them. Sometimes I think their stomach hurts or something. Anyone experience that ?
Oh my god, i was ignored by @ray2502 who sent so many posts without answering my question.
RT7467. Stop being so bloody argumentative, Ray is actually trying to give you some advice!
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My cats sneeze around me and have running eyes but it could be dust causing it for all i know.

My moms (and my mom lol) dog starts to sneeze everytime I am visiting them.
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There was a dog who would always make a gagging type sound every time I would visit. The other dog was not affected. The owner took the dog to the vet but they didn’t know what was wrong. I knew it was me but never said a word.
Hahaha just think, these animals have super good sense of smell lol.
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