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Does PATM make you smell bad?

Does anyone know if having PATM make you smell bad? I've been struggling with PATM for the past 3 months and every time I see people coughing or snezzing I wonder if I also smell bad or if Im just releasing a toxic that is odorless?
sometimes people give me weird looks like I smell but I have never have anyone complaining about me smelling bad. Do people also give you weird looks? Also does perfume make the symptoms worse? whenever i wear perfume or any other essence the coughing gets so bad. I also feel people's reactions get worse when i sweat. The only thing that has helped symptoms a little little bit is not wearing any perfume or lotions.
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I think there is a slight smell but it's not the typical bad smell you imagine when someone has a really bad body odor. This would explain why even if you ask somebody they won't complain about a bad smell.
Since I'm taking oregano oil pills I sometimes notice a weird smell in my bathroom after I've showered and walk in there again after a few minutes  (hard to describe, maybe similar to bread with a little bit of fart but not exactly, however it's not an human like odor)
Sadly I can't tell if it definitly comes from me or from somewhere else and if it's just my exhaled breath or every pore.
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You are 100% correct - do NOT wear any fragrance - use unscented products and soap - like Dove unscented that's what I use

Check out my other posts and others in this community and God Bless you always !
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Srry u have to go through this Kare.  Im about a month and a half into realizing patm, and i agree w Keltic somewhat.  I felt like i had bad breath.  Been noticing that a certain odor is present after i eat certain foods.  My fam and some friends tell.me they dont smell anything, but sometimes its so apparent to me.   Whether its coming from my mouth, nose, poors or all of the above, im not quite sure yet.  I haven't really noticed staring, but sometimes when im in a meeting, its seems very clear to most ppl that something os causing them to react, and it makes me stand out cuz im the only person thats fine lol.

Theres some really good ideas on what the problem is and hope for us, just gonna take a lil time.  Stay strong!  
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Oh ya, like grateful said, stuff w a scent makes us worse.  For me it seems like it brings out that odorless odor more, and ppl around me will definitely pick up on it rather than b4.  When i chew gum, the symptoms are amplified.  I noticed these things b4 coming onto this forum, and then others from here had confirmed they are effected the same way
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DJ Choppa, I am experiencing the exact same symptoms you described (i.e bad breath, co-workers distancing themselves from me, allergic reactions, coworkers using AF in the office when I'm around - Embarrassing and hurtful).  It's mentally draining, and embarrassing, especially when you know that your hygiene is top notch (e.g. shower 3 times a day, oral hygiene 100%, beautiful from head to toe - not being conceited at all,  just puzzled).  I am going to try a few of the remedies posted previously, and hopefully they will ease some of my anxiety while dealing with this issue. However, I'm glad I found this forum. It's good to know that other people are experiencing the same thing, and that I'm not alone.   "This too shall pass!" God Bless you!

Thank you - Kaywest
Kwest im glad u found this forum too, alot of my questions have been answered from here.  I use to wonder why i was experiencing the symptoms i had, and then it all just progressed to this patm bull sh.  Im about a month new to this, but im pretty sure i got the grasp of whats causing it.  Stay strong, if u have questions ask away.
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I notice that my PATM gets considerably worse when I eat certain foods. I never eat seafood, cheese, or eggs. Wheat, dairy, and sugar doesn't seem to affect me that much. Maybe I don't have candida.
Fish odor syndrome ?
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Sometimes I smell this weird musty smell like bread or mold around me and I don't know if it comes from me. Having PATM makes me so paranoid that I sniff around me all day to see if there's a smell in me causing people allergies.
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Omg thank u for saying this.  I have been smelling that same smell too.  To me, it's just as u described it, not so much like bread tho lol.  Its a musty, mold like smell.  I smell it sometimes, not all the time.  As of lately i have not been smelling it tho.  I usually pick up on it when im driving, maybe cuz the air is blowing it back at my face lol.  I feel like its a type of odor that will make someone sneeze their brains out.  Sometimes my nose would itch when that odor was present.

I agree, i am so paranoid these days.  The simplest things make me nervous now, like standing in lines, or being around ppl period. Although i havn't noticed that odor in a few weeks, im still causing ppl to rub their noses and cough everyday.
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Ok last thing and then i srsly gotta sleep.  Theres that moldy smell that has gone away for now, but since a few days ago when i drank beer and liquor, this other odor has been following me.  When i first walk into rooms i smell it, or when im in the shower.  I can only describe it as an ammonia smell.  It had lessened greatly until that 1 freakin night, but now seems to b wearing off again slowly.
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Dj_choppa, I also think I notice the smell more after drinking alcohol. Are you taking any medicine or supplements for Patm? How did your Patm symptoms begin?
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Ive done a couple cleanses for my liver and stomach, been taking probiotics and supplements.  Ive run out of a few things but idk if it made a difference.  So now i have been taking 3 different things that hopeful12345 said cured him.  Cure is a strong word for me.  Some said they took a spiritual route and now dont pay attention to ppl and are now cured.  I dont buy that, i want this crap gone.  Ppl tossing that word around has diminished the value of it to me, but im trying Hopefuls method cuz u believe it has helped him in some way.  Ive been eating mostly chicken and vegetables, i have already dropped 30lbs.  Btwn all this, those odors subsided, but came back a couple days after i drank.  Someone said clear liquors are safe for us to drink.  Idk cuz i mixed beer and liquor that 1 night.  

At first i started getting bumps on my face along w other certain little things i noticed.  Seemed like my body was reacting to something.  I called into work for about a month cuz i was depressed and i also thought i had bad breath cuz of that odor.   Shortly after and Long story short, 1 day at work, about 2 months ago, i finally realized everybody within proximity of me would cough.  On my drive home i freaked out and was at a loss for words.  Couple days later i tested it out, went walking around the halls of my job and i was able to clearly see numerous ppl reacting from me.  

Thought back to situations from about a yr ago, and remembered 1 of my friends from work would have these sneezing frenzies.  I even made a joke like man i think ur allergic to me.  She even said "ya i think i am bro." Maybe she just had bad allergies?  In more recent times, everytime id pick up my friend she would start sneezing crazy.  She said i wasn't like this till i got in ur car.  I didnt make the patm connection yet, i mean why would u?  Next scenario was when i noticed it at work.  Before it was like 1 out of 20 ppl, now its almost everybody.

So it has definitely gotten worse.  Within that yr i was drinking alot.  I was moving up in my job, had a nice car, and everything was looking promising.  So i was having fun.  As far as my eating habbits, i would work late hrs and then eat crap late at night.  My stomach doc ran some tests and saw that my body doesnt digest food as fast as it should.  Due to acid reflux, i have some damage to my lower esophagus.  This is what made me change my diet, stop eating late, especially before bed.  I made the patm connection shortly after this doc visit.  Idk if it is related to my patm symptoms tho.  

For me it all comes down to  me needing to arrange an appointment w a particular doctor in Dallas tx.  He is an MD, who also speciallizes in environmental health and medicine.  He has helped alot of ppl w weird health problems like us.  Alot of veterans who were exposed to gas, i believe its called agent Orange or sumthn like that, have gone to him for treatment.  He does not accept insurance, so i have been grinding making money the past few weeks so i can go w him and run all the tests that need to b ran.  So far this is the best option and what gives me hope.  Ive done research on him, the man is lagit.
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Yeah, when I started noticing this strange odor, ammonia was my first thought, too. Eventhough I would say it's just a part of this weird air mixture stuff. Anyway, the normal human breath contains ammonia, as well but usually in an indiscernible amount.
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Dj_Choppa, by any chance have you also experience smell sensitivity? 'Cause I feel like ever since Patm I can't  stand the smells of perfume or food they are just suddenly so overwhelming. Also I don't even know what makes Patm worse anymore  I have days in which I barely get any reactions and I think I'm cured and then I have days in which I get a lot of runny noses that's basically the only thing I'm seeing now people are not coughing or sneezing anymore they're only getting runny noses really bad for a little and then they're good. All I'm taking right now is grapefruit seed extract pills and vitamin c.
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You'll need to take more than grapefruit seed extract pills and vitamin c if you wish to reduce your reactions to almost nothing. The candida diet is the best place to start. It's a difficult diet, but if you can do it, it will make your reactions much more manageable.
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True, maybe like others have suggested, something is causing are body to release toxins faster than normal and thats why we smell that smell sometimes.  Why ppl react from far away instantly, something is obviously being propelled from our pores, mouth, nose etc.  Some say a parasite in the small intestine.  Idk, maybe all this is correct, maybe only some.   I honestly DO believe it has something to do w our bodies not functioning properly, therefore the symptoms we are experiencing.  Maybe this is why ppl have different reactions on their own bodies since everyone is different , but the standard in this is how we effect otheres.  

I had a thick coated tongue but its pretty much normal now.  Maybe my diet or from all the stuff ive been taking?  Ive stopped buying all the stuff i was b4, and am now only taking those 3 things that Hopeful mentioned.  So, SOMETHN is working.  
What are those 3 things that you are taking that Hopeful mentioned? Do you mind sending me the link to these products?

Thank you
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Kare, i dont feel sensitive myself towards certain things, but OTHERS do pick up more on the fragrances we wear or odors we give off.  The 1 thing i WILL notice is when that weird odor is comin from me.  I say this in my own experience, as well as others that have mentioned on here.  For me, i stopped chewing gum cuz others were telling me can u not chew gum it is so strong.  So i told them why dont u shut ur mouth, and mind ur own business. Jk!!  So i figured out that the odor we are giving off, mixed w another strong smell would not make such a great smell.  It would amplify the smell of gum, perfume, cologne or wutever we were wearing.

Ya a couple days ago i was having a regular patm free day, no weird smells, ppl would rub their nose, but nothing serious.   Other days, just like u said, it was like dang man wth.  Im still observing, but so far it looks like i have control of it, I THINK.  Ya mainly ppl are rubbing their noses now than b4 when they would sneeze.  Seems like some ppl have it worse than others.  Ive heard of much worse symptoms that blew my mind cuz it could get that bad.

We can take all we want to help, and it WILL help, but to b cured completely where we dont ever have to worry bout this crap ever again, we may need some extra help.  Which is what im workin on right now.
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The feed is called "The PATM Cure is Here."  He lists the products and even explains what they do.  1 of them i already had, which is the oxy powder.  It basically cleans out ur stomach.  Works like a laxative, u have to take it at night before bed on an empty stomach or it wont work.  He explains more and lists the links.  If u have any questions feel free n ask.

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olfacatory reference syndrome. look it up on wikipedia
I hate people who claim this disease as a mental disorder. For me it started with bad breath during middle school. Then it progressed to people having small, but noticeable reactions in high school. Now as an adult, the reactions are worse.

I have tried just about every tooth paste and mouth wash available because the toxins come from from my mouth and nose, but nothing affects it. I assume that it's an intestinal problem, or a throat problem that is causing this. We need the help of the doctors to truly be PATM symptom free. The nonsense about God, meditation, or positivity won't solve anything.
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I looked up ORS, very interesting that it seems to pinpoint exactly what me and others are claiming to have.  I appreciate ur post, i did not know this term existed.

Ill entertain ur opinion cuz im assuming u are referring to everybody on this forum as having a mental disorder.  The only thing that seems out of place is u commenting in this community when u do not even share the same problems.  I sure as heck would not even know about this forum if i wasn't experiencing the same issues, nor would i even comment, but maybe ur just trying to help us.

So back to ORS.  Im gonna cut a long story short, if im crazy than so is every other person that ive proven this to, who also thought i was crazy before.  Friends who are normal ppl w great jobs.  Ive literally walked w ppl at work and outside of work to show them how ppl react.  Sometimes i wouldn't get reactions, most of the time i would.  I tested this out at work, at the gym, grocery store, and at restaurants.  When I saw  the other persons facial expressions change once they finally realized, it was very comforting to me cuz it gave me assurance that i wasnt crazy.  BUT, my mother thinks im still crazy lol.  My sister too.  We actually have been planning to go out n about so i can show her.  If i can make my sis a believer, i guarantee u that is ALL the proof ANYBODY needs.

I cant really say its an odor thats causing ppls reactions.  I dont think any of us can truly say its an odor.  With that being said, ORS doesnt apply to us at all like u might have been suggesting.  These are just observations from ppl, not a diagnosis. Why are humans allergic to cats?  I dont want to explain cuz u can just google it.  Cats can also be allergic to humans for the same reason we are allergic to them.  Human dander, which is hair and flakes of our skin can cause cats to have allergic reactions.  Is it crazy to say that maybe a very small percentage of humans can have the same effect on other humans? Idk, but i think it would be premature to cross that out as a possibility.   Im just giving an example.  I think there are a few possibilities.  Maybe it has to do w our immune systems, or secretions from our adrenal glands.  ORS suggests an odor.  If i say its not an odor will that keep me out of the crazy house?  Although a padded room might b fun, for a little bit as long as i can take a bottle of Grey Goose.
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I don't know about other PATMers but i have a odor that i notice started in 3th grade and gradually got stronger. travels faraway.
it's like i have TMAU + PATM
I have a similar condition where it's like TMAU + PATM combined. Some of the people here may have variations of the disease.
I have a similar condition where it's TMAU and PATM combined. Some people on here may have variations of the disease.

I believe we all basically have the same disease but we individually look at it and interpret them differently.

I claim to only have patm. Some say they have patm and tmau but if you ask them whether they been diagnosed official to have TMAU, they say no. If you ask them if anyone especially the doctor told them specially that they do smell, they’ll also no. They’ll also claim that all doctors they’ve seen have dysfunctional noses.

They’ll also interpret people gasping and holding their noses as a sign of smelling bad odor. But if you ask them whether they asked, they’d say no.

I’ve asked unlimited people why they hold their noses and mouth, and many would respond it’s because they can’t breathe as if the air is hot or too cold and unbreathable... their entire throat/nose area is itching like crazy or they’d throw up, cough or sneeze violently. It’s an intense feeling that comes together with some sudden headaches and confusions.

For the first ten years of patm, I believed undoubtedly odor was in the heart of the problem but gathering my wits and asking friends and relatives to help me by telling the truth, proved very successful. My education helped me even more. You’ll go through the same journey and experience what we went through.

Here’s one-piece information that you’d be amazed to learn. Some people will look at you at first and have no real idea why. It’s hard to believe but it’s easier if you learn about pheromones. Humans don’t respond well to pheromones anymore at least that’s what we think now but discoveries have been made to show that humans do respond to sex pheromones. For example, you can wear a pheromone and a lady passing nearby can suddenly get attracted to you with no apparent reason. She’ll probably glance at you with desiring eyes without thinking at first. The pheromones that I’m talking about are unscented, I couldn’t smell it either. It’s looks just like water in a glass bottle.

I once had the belief that this is some evolutionary remnants built to recognize certain molecules produced from a variety of gut bacteria that may indicate an alarm/problem such as epidemic disease present and to avoid or flee as soon as possible. We know some animals respond to these signals almost unconscionably but I’m not aware of humans having the same subconscious ability.
But whatever the cause, I think we have the same illness but we just see it differently. I’m glad my patm is not so bad as before but I’m expecting to improve it more hopefully.
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Does your Patm gets worse after you eat?
Yes, IF i eat the foods that trigger my symptoms.  It's been tial and error for me in figuring out what's good/bad for me.  Now i mainly just stick to a couple of different foods until i start working from home, and then maybe ill experiment a lil more.
Yes, in about 2 - 4 hours. On average it takes 3 hours for food to reach the intestine. There isn't much digestion in the stomach which is why patm only increase after 2-3 hours.. It's all preparation for digestion in the small intestine. If your patm worsens around one hour after meal then something is happening in your stomach.
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It depends who you ask. My patm has no smell. It's just allergic reaction from people.
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look up a woman by the name, Ellie James. She was told by every doctor that she was mad and that she had ORS. It took her 11 years to be diagnosed by specialists to have TMAU, type 2. Even the specialists don’t understand how she got it. They think it’s probably a mutation of an enzyme or liver caused by her prior months on antibiotics before her symptoms started. Amazingly, Ellie is just one among the many TMAU patients that doctors declare as having ORS. Read up on it, there are youtube video on her story too.

Doctors are not Gods; they make mistakes too. Their proclamation of PATM as a mental disorder is wrong on many level. First, who have they healed with mental pills? No one. The things that work to minimize patm coincide with other biological ideas. Patmers are randomly looking for stuff but come across things that work in common. Why do most patmer agree that dairy and sugar make patm obviously worse? If it was mental, patmers shouldn’t agree and find the same thing. There are no psychological explanations for that. On the biology side, there is. Why does Starvation, L-Glutamine, amino-acids lower patm symptoms? Psychology has no explanation but again biology does.

Statistically more people sneeze/cough about 10-20 times more in a room with a patm person inside than without one. Statistically, 99% of the time in a crowded room, a patmer will be isolated and standout alone in one corner within 1-2 hours, that is if everyone must stay in that room. The problem is that doctors are not willing to see this put to the test. That’s because they just don’t believe it’s possible. In the history of science, many scientists have fallen to such ignorance by getting too arrogant and putting more trust in their gut feelings over evidence.

It’s hard because there is no smell for doctors to start with. Tracing the cause of patm is like walking in the dark without a torch. If I were a doctor, I would have found patm by now only because I know what I know now. I know exactly where to start. If I didn’t have patm, I’d be as ignorant as any other doctor.

If a patmer were to not walk into a room and mingle with everyone normally and that they wouldn’t cough/sneeze wildly and worse leave the area, if all THAT didn’t happen, I don’t think we’d ever have heard of patm or this website. People would live their normal lives. It’s this isolation from everyone of every patmer in the face of this planet that makes them come to this forum to find out why we make people sick and leave whenever we are present. It happens everywhere… not just the shop, bus, school, work. NO! It’s everywhere. We are left alone no matter how we try. You are convinced just because you don’t have patm but I wish we can exchange shoes. I’m sure you’ll agree once you’ll experience everything that every patmer had to through.

I know why doctors put so much faith in denouncing patm. It’s because of claims such as ‘smelly anus’, ‘booi-whiff and breath’, ‘electromagnetic patm’, ‘smell scalp’ etc. whether it’s true or not, that’s not the issue. Patmers like most people, are not scientists. They will interpret what they observe according to their own understanding but it doesn’t deny the fact that they do observe obsessive coughing/sneezing/sickness 100% from known/unknown people wherever they are. That’s what doctors should concentrate on, not on people’s scientific and intellectual level of reasoning.
Ya ppl, no more walkin around talkin bout booi-whiff lol!!  Jk

Well said Truth, everything except the phrases which were hilarious to me.  I agree.  Before i came into this forum, i found out the hard way about certain foods that seemed to make things worse for me the very next day. As u mentioned, i added sugar 1 day in some cereal and i was worse within the hr. Also, weird things i found out on my own like chewing gum would amplify this odor i was giving off. I came into this forum and i couldn't believe these were all things that ppl had already established.  Much of my stress has been relieved knowing others are experiencing the same thing.

Ive told a couple ppl, i wish u could trade places w me, go 1 week at my job and tell me if u believe in patm now.  
Ya ppl, no more walkin around talkin bout booi-whiff lol!!  Jk

Well said Truth, everything except the phrases which were hilarious to me.  I agree.  Before i came into this forum, i found out the hard way about certain foods that seemed to make things worse for me the very next day. As u mentioned, i added sugar 1 day in some cereal and i was worse within the hr. Also, weird things i found out on my own like chewing gum would amplify this odor i was giving off. I came into this forum and i couldn't believe these were all things that ppl had already established.  Much of my stress has been relieved knowing others are experiencing the same thing.

Ive told a couple ppl, i wish u could trade places w me, go 1 week at my job and tell me if u believe in patm now.  
Hey Dj Choppa,
Thanks for the compliments. Actually I meant poo[y]-whiff so that was a misspelling.

You are right, sugar, dairy is just bad for us. That’s unfortunate, and there’s nothing we can do about it for now.

You know, people don’t understand and I don’t blame them but they shouldn’t get too arrogant about what they think they know because history is scattered with examples like our case. Even Einstein, as smart as he is, at one point fell victim to this kind of arrogance. He’s famous quote, “God doesn’t play dice”, is apparently an exchange between him and one of the younger star physicists in his time, during the early days of the discovery of quantum mechanics. Einstein didn’t believe quantum mechanics was possible and despite all the evidence, he still believed in the old classical mechanics where the past and future is deterministic. The moral of the story, anytime anyone thinks he’s too smart and doesn’t need evidence for assurance, chances are he’s wrong and possibly facing a big humiliation afterwards. Mark my word, the psychologists that came up with the so called, ‘Olfactory reference syndrome (ORS)’ will retract their words in the future. We may not live to see, but that day will ultimately come.

I remember quite well talking to a psychologist when I was a teen and my pants was a little tight but I had a big jacket on and I could feel my package being squashed to one side so I would often get up and pull my pants down to loosen up. He shook his head as if he’s solved the problem. He said to me, ‘Do you have a micro-penis?’ and I shrugged with confusion and replied ‘What?’. He replied back, ‘Don’t worry, I know why you’re like that, I’ve met a couple people with the same insecurity and it manifests itself as isolation problems, just like you’. Frankly I couldn’t believe the ******** that was coming out from his mouth so I pulled my pants down and he gasped for a moment as if with shame because, for two reasons, first, my parents were just outside the room and apparently, my father was known in his days for having a big willie and I guess that gene was passed on to us boys naturally. I told my dad about it and he found out that he falsely diagnosed 2 other people before me who weren’t patmers but had real social problems. What I couldn’t understand was the damn unequivocal arrogance. I think after that experience my respect and perception of psychology was fairly low and getting worse. They have one of the lowest job opportunities in the world and perhaps that’s the reason. I can’t see any time in my life that I’d ever have a need for a psychologist.

I’ve read a variety of cases where psychologists have been humiliated by ordinary people because of their downright arrogances in coming up with preposterous ideas. I think it’s because psychology is a relatively new field compared to the other disciplines and they’re trying to too hard to establish themselves and get a foothold in the academic world. An elephant without tusks is always more aggressive than one with tusks in order to survive. Phycologists are like tuskless elephants.
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Look at the following studies of how GCMS has been used to isolate and verify different isomers of TMA (the molecule produced by TMAU patients). What’s the chance of just one change in its branching and we get a molecule that causes allergies like patm?

The second paper uses GCMS to determine the presence of trimethylamine and dimethylamine in gaseous samples (i.e. breath) for medical diagnostic purposes. This is the test that we need.


What I am wondering is, whom in this group has actually received specimen testing  done? For example, E.G.D, Hidascan, Colonoscopy, Stool analysis, urine analysis, blood testing, etc..???
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