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Does anyone have a bad smell in their nose and throat?

I know we go back and forth on here a lot with what we think is causing this problem. I have heard people say “ I smell smoke “ I can also smell smoke sometimes. But I can also smell blood or a rust smell sometimes. The smell changes based on what I’ve eaten. I also notice the thick phlegm that is always in my throat. I use to think it was sinus drainage, although it could be a combination. I gargled my throat thoroughly with some Orajel antiseptic. It foams up really well. There was so much phlegm in my throat and after gargling about 5-6 times I could smell the smoke. I actually think it is blood that I am smelling. I noticed my taste buds are bleeding. The buds in the back of my throat are inflamed. Maybe they are bleeding throughout the day and I don’t realize it because it is mixing with my saliva. I stated in a previous post that I thought it was blood. This is the only thing that I can think of that can smell so foul. I’m thinking there could be a problem with my swallowing called dysphagia. So phlegm pools in your throat and whatever I eat causes the phlegm to smell. That’s why I smell it when I breathe in and out. So breathing in and out causes the smell to travel in the air. The reason sugar is a big problem is because it causes bacteria to accumulate in the phlegm and the bad bugs feeds on the sugar. I will be calling my dentist tomorrow to have my taste buds checked. I will also call my GP. I read a post on Reddit two days ago. Someone posted about a metallic, smoky smell. The first thing people say is it’s called phantosomia. Meaning you smell something that is not there. Could be neurological. But when other people can smell it we all knew that it is not neurological. It is most definitely digestive related. Which we all know that  digestion starts in the mouth. Dry mouth can also cause dysphagia. But there are a number of things that can cause it. I notice I sometimes get choked when drinking or swallowing it’s not a lot but it has caught my attention. Just something I wanted to share. I will keep you guys updated.

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