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Does patm increase or decrease when you starve

Let's say instead of three meals a day you go down to 1 meal a day. What happens to patm
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PATM gets worse for me when I try to starve myself
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Yes I agree with you 100%. My PATM, which is basically bad bacteria in my intestines, will spike up and I will get phlegm buildup in my throat. Constantly clearing my throat until I eat again.
Good day Ray2502,

Interesting that you mention phlegm, I have been reducing phlegm by taking steamy showers and while in the shower room lightly massaging my throat to make the phlegm move and spitted out lots of the stuff in the sewer.

The damn shower room smells really weird after doing this so I have to rinse it down with plenty of water, feels like it reduces PATM but only for a short while, would need to know how to stop phlegm production in my body...

Also I believe my sweat also makes people react but fixing the phlegm would be one thing less to worry about as the cause.
Is it possible that the phlegm is mucus from worms.   When the worms were bad in my kids and I we were coughing up phlegm about 10 days a month.  Thats part of how we found out about them.  Its their cycle.  The eggs are in it.    That was just in our case.  Im sure yours is different.  Just wanted to put it out there that you may want to keep track of the days.    We did have over 20 negative parasite tests before we brought in hard samples and was prescribed the meds.  If it wasent for the kids and me being persistent we would have never found out.  Just a thought.  I dont want to be counter productive to anyone. Just wanted to share.   Im trying now to go through my old posts and update them because ive learned a lot about patm over the last 2 years.   Ive met with a few patmers and experienced the individuality of the reactions.    
Hello PATM sucks 92,

As you know, the body produces phlegm when it detects foreign particles, including viruses/bacteria, to protect it.

Why does my body produce phlegm in the morning after taking a bowel and not eating anything until noon time is a mystery to me but I know that this all has to do with PATM. Still experimenting. Stay tuned.
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