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Whether you have TMAU or PATM, the likely culprit is bad gut microbiome/leaky gut.

Eating fermented foods like kefir, kombucha, sauerkraut and kimchi puts live probiotic cultures in your gut and helps to resolve the problem. This is especially true of homemade kefir and kombucha which provide more quantity and diversity of probiotics than store-bought alternatives.

Check out the YouTube channel "The Gut War" and the latest interviews in the channel "Body Odor Sufferers".

This method could take several weeks time and lots of fermented food, but many people are seeing results. Check out the discord group mentioned in "The Gut War" comments sections. We have over 150 members, and growing!
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@TAPAKH, Which fermented probiotics have you tried?
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@TAPAKAH hi,does it work ?  really want to know your update
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It seems to help, but I'm not cured. I do have a lot more energy in general after cutting out sugar/dairy/grains (candida diet) and eating a lot of fermented foods. Reactions aren't as frequent or as bad, but I'm not cured yet.
Hi, which fermented foods were you taking? Do you still have PATM symptoms?
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In fact they already tried and practiced the treatment, read the comments from years ago ....... It was not the solution.
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You need to try harder because we have 100 trillion+ bacteria in our gut. Drinking 10 bottles of kefir from the store would add about 1 trillion CFU of good flora, or under 1% of the total (and that's only if all the bacteria make it ]to your gut - big if).  For another comparison, the strongest store-bought probiotic pills only contain 20-30 billion CFU per pill, so it would take up to 50 of those pills to reach 1 trillion CFU.

It will take weeks if not months to remedy the gut dysbiosis, which is the crux of the issue. Low choline diet is also important because we have an excess of TMA from a lack of good bacteria to break it down.
It does not make sense or what you write logically. It's not throwing you down in your hypothesis, but they tried it, read the writings from years ago. /// Quite apart, each ferment, both kefir, kombucha among others, only gives you as a limited amount of Probiotic bacteria. It helps you improve health, but it does not improve the PATM condition according to testimonials that ........
According to your writing in months you would be free of PATM, If so, it would be good if you give your testimony here ...... Regards.
I'll definitely provide updates in this thread
So you cured?
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Thank you for posting this, already looking into homemade kombucha because I like the taste and trying to quit sodas completely.
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