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Has anyone contemplated suicide?

I'm starting to believe that this will be with me for the rest of my life and that is for sure no life at all!

I literally feel like I'm losing my mind due to this curse, its psychological torture! I can't take much more I know that for sure.
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Breathe . . . Breathe . . . Breathe. You're not alone. Focus on positive things every day. PATM is scary. I believe most people have to find their own cure to this, and it's not from a fancy pill or diet or whatever. The problems lies within you. I had been stuffering from this for 2 years. All I can say is pay attention to yourself and how the people around you act. It was a slow process, atleast for me, to get rid of this thing. Don't give up!
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Are you cured now then?
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I am still working and have made new friends even "after PATM", recently had a performance review at work and my boss gave me an excellent rating (while sniffling and clearing his voice LOL) so i am just riding this out and waiting to see where life takes me.
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Glad to see your managing. I also smell like **** aswell which makes my patm unbearable.
@PatmSucks: Same here. I have a normal job, it's even one where I have speak in public quite often. Meetings are hell. There was a long period when my performance was really bad because my brain was coping with the patm all the time. But now I've managed to do two things at the same time: Cope with Coughing etc. AND be present in whatever is discussed or worked upon in a meeting.  People seem to like me although I make them cough.
I get comments from time to time like it smells burnt,glue,old booze and such and I just ignore them, just stay calm.

Yeah I work with customers all the time and not a single one has said that I make them cough or even hinted at it, pretty sure some people might've figured it out but have decided against talking about it because it sounds crazy.
@PatmSucks92. I also smell like all them also apparently. Do you ever get told they can smell weed?

I forgot from the list garlic and old onion smell, that might be the "weed" smell, I have never been told that I smell like weed but that could also be because people don't want to admit they know weed smell or just plain they don't know what it smells like.
At this point I'm sure that some people found out the reason is me but like you said - it sounds crazy so they keep quiet.

There is one girl at work who likes me. And she is also a bit different from most people. So one time when my coworker (in my office) got sick, she told me "Yeah, he got sick from you.." and looked at me in a strange way. I was not sick around that time so she was probably not referring to a flu..

This is to this date the only time someone said something that could be interpreted as "I know there's something going on with you".
you need to make a detox  charcoal, chorella,
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If you smell like **** you may have TMAU go see a doctor about that.  Most of us here don't give off a smell or it's a smell we can't normally notice, or it's an odd smell that only some people can pick up on.

Most importantly don't contemplate suicide, we may have this terrible condition but it's not worth taking our lives.  As was mentioned stay positive, know there are others that have this, we are in this together, the more who are aware of it , the quicker it can gain attention and hopefully admittance/study from the medical community.
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It must be patm because people get headaches, get nauseous, runny nose, sneezing, coughing. I think its 50/50 whether the patm is accompanied by an odour.
It depends of the level of PATM.When I had extreme level of PATM I definitely had a smell.Now I'm about 90% and don't have smell.But I believe also that there are people who have TMAU and PATM at the same time.So it depends.
Great guess I have both of these wonderful diseases. Double dose of this curse!
Patmwtf : You  are not alone dood ;D
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I think for me there are many moments of passive nonexistence. There's also a fear of the future and how I can ever find a partner or hold a stable job. At age 20, the future scares me. I consistently feel guilty for making me sick, especially the ones I love. I think I'm naturally an emotional resilient person so I've been able to stay relatively happy the past couple years.
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Committing sucide has never crossed my mind. I would never even contemplate that especially if your a God fearing person. You take your on life and you will be cast into the fires of hell which I would imagine would be many times worse than what we are living here on earth.

If I can live for over 45 years with PATM, have a wife, kids, stable job then anybody can do it also only with help of God.

Remember, you cannot do it alone, we need God’s help to guide us and comfort us in our most difficult times. He allows things to happen for reasons he only knows. I’m sure good things will come out of all this just as God has promised.

You're the definition of a success story. I always look up to you as who I strive to be.
Thanks Smelly for the compliment. I’m just trying to help everybody as much as I can.
Thanks Ray 2502. This made my day.
Please don't bring in superstitious **** like hell. DON'T!!!
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You are not alone. Don't do it, not for you, but for all of us. Hang on and have faith.

The more God loves you, the more he is going to make you suffer. That suffering comes in various ways including health, wealth, humiliation, etc. This is part of life. He may reduce your suffering or he may not. Don't lose hope, don't lose faith. You'll be rewarded for your patience, in here, or, in afterlife.

Just hang on. For us.
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I have contemplate suicide also. But I am a strong believer in Christ. I love Him and He loves me. He love you also. Seek pace in Him, He will give you strength, pace and wisdom.

I think this is a demon trying to make us to do suicide.

I was depress and suicidal before convert to Christ. I hadn't had PATM my live was normal. I gave my life to Christ 5 years ago and I was free with a lot of joy. After 3 year of repentance I notice that I have PATM. Suicide thoughts come from demons that wants people to go to hell if they do it. Now I don't go to church anymore, because of PATM and bad breath. But I will start going to Church because I am trusting God to heal me.

This is spiritual manifesting into natural.

I also have suicide  thoughts but I pray a lot, because I don't want to go to hell. I trust God to much to give up. I started to read my bible now to built my spirit and faith up so that I can break this yoke that the enemy brought upon me.

God is real and the enemy also. He is stealing our life through sickness.

Then Jesus said to them again, “Truly, truly I say to you, I am the door of the sheep.  All who came before Me are thieves and robbers, but the sheep did not listen to them.  I am the door. If anyone enters through Me, he will be saved and will go in and out and find pasture.  The thief does not come, except to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly. “I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd lays down His life for the sheep.
John 10:7‭-‬11 MEV

Pray to Jesus He will fight for us. At least I know that because He always say to me trust Me.

I am declaring His words on my body.  I will live I will not died to declare the words of the Lord

I shall not die, but I shall live and declare the works of the Lord .
Psalms 118:17 MEV

By His, Jesus, stripes I am heal.

Please put your trust in Jesus He will saved you from dead. Because hell is real.  

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HELL IS NOT REAL This is why I'm leaving this crap.
I’m with you hailstormer.
Fires of hell WTF. And all the other 100s of millions - billions who have committed suicide are condemned too? I wonder how many of you staunch believers have lost loved ones to suicide for any reason. And you take pride in knowing that they’ll burn for eternity??
Grow up.  Think critically. Think for yourselves.
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To people going through PATM,try to take a lot of probiotics,drink lot of clean warm water and eat healthy a lot .. I hope this answer help u guys because it seems the effects of my patm started to lose its effects after 3 weeks(people still sneeze when I talked but there is no anymore a cough sounds).I believe the patm was actually a bad gas that was released from our stomach and we need to care for it.Hope this help u.
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If you are struggling with any oral or breath issues, chances are that your bad bacteria are much more robust and dangerous. Now that you have a new appreciation for your mouth, here are simple steps to incorporate into your daily routine:

1.Find a doctor or dentist who can order a BiofilmDNA test by OralVital for you and also show you your very own mouth TV live.
2. Consider brushing teeth not twice a day but after each of the three main meals if you have a lot of oral challenges.
3.When brushing your teeth, also scrape your tongue. I tongue-brush twice a day along with tooth brushing. Apparently, we accumulate a lot of our bad bacteria on the tongue.
4. Buy Waterpik – use warm water and add a few drops of Biocidin to it or ask your dentist to recommend an herbal tincture. Use twice a day. According to my dentists, NOTHING will get into the crevices along the gums and between teeth – not even the best brushing – water picking will. Note: please do not put essential oils into the water, e.g. tea tree oil or clove oil – they may react with the plastic. yes, I wish water picks were not plastic, but we pick our battles.
5. You can also use Biocidin in a spray version (same link as Biocidin above) (I highly recommend this!)
6.Buy little dental picks. They look like miniature toothbrushes and you only use them to push them between your teeth (with a little toothpaste on them). If you have a very compromised mouth, it did not improve with anything but this.
7.  Go to an Indian store and pick up a bag of Indian fennel seeds. They should look exactly like cumin seeds except green and not brown. Toast them dry in a skillet until fragrant. Then keep them in your purse or a backpack (I used to carry them in a small container). If you are traveling all day and do not have access to toothpaste but need to refresh, chew on a handful. It is not only a healthy but a tasty chewing experience and the effect is refreshing, with clean teeth and fresh breath.

8. Olive leaf extract in liquid or oil of oregano dropper (the latter is in olive oil – by Genestra) are both strongly antibacterial and can be swooshed before swallowing. Add 3 drops of oil of oregano to a glass of warm water first. Both are available on Fullscript. Gargle either as well to reach the back of the throat and your tonsils.

9. Aloe vera juice is also antimicrobial and can be gargled and swooshed around before swallowing. The therapeutically most effective aloe I have found is “Ultimate Aloe Vera Juice”. If you live in the US, you will find it in powder or liquid here: www.kineswellnesssolutions.com  and if you live abroad, you will find it but most likely only in the powder form. Type in “Ultimate Aloe Vera Juice”: https://global.shop.com/kasiakines

10. Get probiotics for oral cavity. Nutrametrix brand at www.kineswellnesssolutions.com has children’s chewable probiotics for just that.

11. Get a special toothpaste with the added Biocidin, called Dentalcidin, available on Fullscript. Here is the official information. If it is too expensive to use, mix it with your other toothpaste or use it once a day – be creative. Or perhaps you can add a drop of the Biocidin dropper into your toothpaste! Here is the official description of Biocidin toothpaste called Dentalcidin:

12. Floss! The bacteria love the sauces between your teeth. I carry little floss picks in my purse at all times. They come very handy especially after a meal out. Remember though that it is the water pick that will help eradicate most of the bad bacteria around your teeth and gums.

13. Get your teeth cleaned twice a year. Seeing what I have, now I will find the time to do so too.

14. How about oil pulling? It is worth looking into if you are willing to invest at least 45 days of the routine. Here are resources you will find most helpful: Swish with 1 tablespoon of high quality oil like olive oil, or coconut oil for 15 min. every morning. Spit out in garbage not in the sink.

Good luck! You can do this... Clean diet with no sugar, fresh air-Breathe!, take probiotics and try the steps above.
I liked the comment about adding in  detox supplements like activated charcoal and  chlorella once a day to get rid of toxins.

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Those are all great ideas, thanks for sharing.
I found out that a $10 tongue scrapper is all I need. It’s made by Dr. Tung’s and when I get PATM reactions or I feel that my breath is starting to smell then I pull my tongue scrapper out and clean my tongue. It takes me a total of 30 seconds and My bad breath goes away.
I’m basically scraping all the bad bacteria from the back of my tongue. It builds up over time and after every meal. It will get worse when you eat carbohydrates/sugar. Keep tongue clean and use mouth wash afterwards to give yourself a fresh clean breath.
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Hey everyone I am Sorry that we have to go they this. I too have had people cough when I talk and when they walk past me and I don’t speak. I have good hygiene. I get my teeth cleaned 2 a year. My Dentist said I had dry mouth not bad breath and recommended dry mouth aids. I use Xylimelts which can be used overnight just place on your gums. My Pulmonologist recommendation to use a Sinus Rinse. I too have a water pick and I floss to get the debris out.Dehydration causes Bad Breath as well. Good luck everyone I am still trying to put it all together. I too had Suicidal thought and have been house bound for a year now. I gave up singing in the Choir which I Loved to do due to Bullies kept complaining about my Breath. God Bless you all.
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I know it can be difficult to work and all with PATM BUT YOU can't stop. You have to keep fighting everyday. Wake up, get dressed and get to work and give your all. Just try to forget and ignore all the issues. I have to interact with clients everyday and they cough, sneeze etc some times but I try to give my best and some of them come there just because of me.  So keep fighting!!!
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Thank you. Do you use a tongue scraper? They sell them at Whole Foods. It helps and try using a few drops of oil of oregano every night. Also, get Biocidin throat spray, and an air filter in your home. Keep at it!  
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To be continued also Probiotics are good. My sister who is a Nurse Practitioner said that they smell your stomach all of that medicine sitting on it. I eat Activia and also Probiotics Supplements.They got expensive. I ordered a Dental Probiotic off Amazon. People would say Witch curse word just brush your teeth or her breath smell so bad, it smell like butt.They would pinch their nose when I speak. I have gotten a Substitute Teaching job but afraid to take an assignment because of my breath. I have financially been able to not work but have run out of money so I have to work now. I have developed a Nervous Condition too. I have started Meditation to calm my mind also Qigong and Tai-Chi. We should not have to endure this. We aren’t nasty people. Amen
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