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Has anyone given a thought about it being Olfactory Refence Syndorme?

Not trying to trigger anyone but one time I noticed that I didn't focus on smelling and I didn't notice anyone cough or sniff and I was in the car with my friends with the windows rolled up.

Also anyone near Charlotte NC? I'll pay money for honest answer if I stink or not.
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No because i get reactions and comments when I have completely forgotten about patm, then it ruins the rest is of my day. It's not mental it's physical I'm afraid.
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Yes, in my opinion PATM is ORS or rather a follow-up of ORS, i.e. a mental problem. I'm a former sufferer and shared my story on here about 2 weeks ago, check it out. :)
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It is not a mental problem. It is not only about what I think people are saying or reacting to me , but it is also what I hear them say. This happens everywhere I go. So please stop saying it is mental.
It's their opinion. I think it's silly to be so offended. If it is OCD then yes you would potentially hear things or misinterpret things. I'm still convinced its physical but I went to the gym with my friend after eating garbage and focused on the moment and didn't notice anything.
I think this is a mix or low self esteem and social anxiety.

In my case it was mental. I'm suffering from ORS. I know other former patm sufferers who feel the same way now. I have only stated the truth and also added "in my opinion". So don't tell me what to say, I'm only trying to help people because I was in the exact same situation just a year ago.

If you don't agree it's perfectly fine, I hope you will find your cure anyway. But don't tell me what to say or do. Thanks.
When it is said mentally it does not refer specifically to the imaginary, why can't they understand that? The mental is broad starting from paranoia, schizophrenia, etc., you read parts about how a stressed mental state changes and creates certain effects on the body, why can't you analyze from that point? Dandruff is an example of why a mental state stressed with anxiety can cause change in the body. As simple as that and you get complicated, I am not 100% healthy of PATM but compared to last year I am now better, needless to say when I wanted to kill myself, just try to be relaxed and stop hitting your chest in addition to eating well , just that, leave the excesses and you will see that month after month this goes down .......
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Sniff, but it is something that enters your nose and makes that effect of wanting to smell, it seems but it is not so, perhaps you never had an allergy? When the allergy is through the nose it is as if something enters then the air meter seems like you were sniffing but it is not.
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I'm having a difficult time understanding your response, but maybe my description was unclear.

I always see people rub nose or hear them cough or sniff. In the car the other day I was a little buzzed and relaxed and didnt see my two friends whom I always see rub nose or sniff just one or two times.

Question was how can everyone completely discount it being a psychological problem based off of obsessive thoughts.

When people say "the doctors are in on it" comes off like a schizophrenic scenario in my opinion.

I dont care if I'm bat **** crazy or have a mental disorder, I just don't want to smell bad.
You are not alone in this. I have the same problem for about 13 years and having good and bad days.
I can't say anything to your statement since you seem to be sure that you smell bad. You just assure something that you did not even try and do not dare to try, everything I say for myself is proven and I am still doing it, the psychological mental disorder is not simply imagining such an act or reaction but with the time mixed with schizophrenia and In addition, the problem becomes psychosomatic ........ Many do not want to assimilate that, but it depends on each one.
Or at a good time go to the doctor to rule out candida and other factors to be sure, otherwise if you want you can take antibiotics and other things to ruin your body and finish if or with candida as already in this forum they did. Example: If you are with prolonged stress and anxiety your armpit odor changes, or you get dandruff, or pimples, or allergy ...... bone, I try to tell you that certain forced mental factors cause the body to be in a state and that this emits some excessive substance and this over time creates disorders and others, not only imaginary mental but also psychosomatic ..... blah blah blah .... If you are sure of what it says then that will be, much there there I can do. Simple.
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