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Has anyone tried Metronidazole ?

Hi guys, as the title says, has anyone tried Metronidazole and had some relief from PATM ?
Would be helpful to know that.
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It would be good to know very well all antifungals and others ..... because in the long run you would develop Candida and I am sure that the majority that has PATM who abusedly tried antifungals and others developed for that reason, candida diets as well as others they are strictly controlled by doctors, they are not complex at all, otherwise the candida on populace will develop and ........ That is why I do not try antibiotics and antifungals if it is not with the doctor's guide, the diets if I tried and They didn't work for me. Remember that even the healthiest person has a bit of candida, but this does get out of control by taking antibiotics and antifungals in program and control, so it kills the good intestinal floras and gives way to candida overpopulation ....... Here many claimed to recommend antibiotics even the strongest, however, after a few months they said they had candida and that PATM would be candida, there are others who had a candida test and were negative, I did 1 test and it gave me negative On the other hand, candida is not detected at the first, sometimes it takes about 3 exams, I still did not do that part. Be very careful, and 3 times improve and return with the PATM seems abused.
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#1 if you are a healthy guy candida test will be negative
All humans have candida , yeast is part of the digestive system
We lack of good bacteria and the by product  the good acids that keep under control candida
I dont recommend antibiotics/antifungals if you lack of knowleadge  about candida .
Wine and antibiotics were the reasons of my patm.
Diet will work if you realized what to eat, portions and all small details that make andiference
"Wine and antibiotics were the reasons of my patm."

That is an interesting statement because I am sure mine started with alcohol and black mold.
My friend setti444 his patm started with halcohol.
He already knows how to eat correctly.
We contact each other to achive the beloved goal  ...no patm
I have taken Bismuth and it has helped too. It has sacylic acid . Which is used in most products for acne. I am not giving medical advice.
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Yes I have and it does seem to work.
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Yes you do.
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I have used metroznadole for Bacteria Vaginosis. I noticed a huge difference.
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       I tried fluconazole it works really really good.
Be careful the candida can develop total resistence/inmunity to any antifungal if you are feeding the candida.
If this happen antifugal wi do nothing after a while.
I and  user setti444 are working very hard in a good healthy meals dayly plan.
Good lock
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are you patm free now?
I have achived succes 3 times,  last time i was patm free for 3 sweet beautiful months my mistake was i only used to eat salad  my weight from 170 pounds to 135 so my family influenced me to it junk food in less than 6 days patm return.
Im on 11th days of healthy habits (eating) introducing good complex carbs corn of cob, brown rice, buck weat, selected fruits, salmon, chicken breast etc. After 30 days natural and syntetic antifungals.
As i said setti444 and me are optimizong a good healthy way of eating.
I hope to update in 30 days
If you want to join send a mesage, also millet, cconut almond milk
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