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Has anyone tried digestive enzymes?

I got my MRI results yesterday. The gastroenterologist said I has stricture in the distal part of my pancreas. This is where the bile and pancreatic duct intersects. I should be getting enzymes for digestion but because of the structure I am not. I have been saying for years my food is not digesting properly. That is why the bad smell is coming through the lungs when I breathe. It also causes steathorrhea which is foul smelling stool. I have experienced this as well smells like death. Especially if I have eaten a large meal. Also floating, greasy stools. I remember the first time I took a digestive enzyme I felt better. My amalayse enzyme is also elevated slightly. High cholesterol can cause all of the problems that I have. So can pancreatitis. Which is inflammation. I will be having a EUS next month. My doctor will do this test to get a visual look at my pancreas. I read that metroznadole can be used to treat pancreatitis if it is an infection. That is why I noticed that it helped with the odor when I would take it for something totally different. I will update after the EUS. Yes diet is very important. I have started a bland diet. I also eat six small meals instead of three meals. We probably think that salads are good for us but the truth is we need all of our fruits and vegetables to be cooked. Nothing raw. Google foods for a bland diet. Chicken noodle soup has been a lifesaver for me. As I posted before if anyone lives in the northern Virginia area . There is a place in Alexandria called Neighborhood Health. Dr Marie Steinmetz is the one who got the ball rolling for me. She is excellent.
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For my part I never had digestion problems or what you describe, just gas and belching, although my friends are also like that sometimes, only I sometimes obsess with myself giving importance to those as if they were the cause of PATM, at least I think so, with my friends we talk with the burp. Haha
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